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Two for one...

Since I haven't reviewed last week's SPN ep, I make this a two-fer.

It was better than Siege's first ep this Season, my much-loathed "Fallen Crapols" in which I felt Paris Hilton was actually the best thing going on so HA. Equal relationship my ass. Respect goes both ways, Sam.

In contrast "Swap Meat" was mostly a filler to me. Largely inoffensive but also largely forgettable. And really, the Season is half-way over and this is one of the worst apocalypses ever to me. Sorry, but I prefer my apocalypse stories to be tightly plotted, suspenseful and suitably dark. If a show can't hack it for writerly or budget reasons, don't go there. Slowed paced and mindless neverending comedy is just not something I find acceptable in the context.

In itself, though, the episode was okay. The demonic bounty thing was interesting but see above, that should be a current running all through the episodes, not a one-off thing when it is convenient.

Annoying how they had Dean do nothing for so long even though strange!Sam really creeped him out. I didn't mind that he didn't immediately jump to the right conclusion - who would? they weren't hunting body-swappers like in Skin they split up hunting a shape-shifters so of course it's easy to figure it out in five seconds flat - but why didn't he subtly test Sam? Iron? Salt? Saying Christo?

The thing I have seen epic bitching abut was how that meant Dean wanted a clone of himself. Yeah right, like a geeky, naive kid into black magic is a Dean-clone? Since when? And that is exactly what Gary was and acted. So, Dean enjoyed supposedly having fun with "Sam" again which they occasionally used to have in earlier Seasons. Sue him. He also would apparently like chatting with someone who is into the same music and stuff as him. What a horrible crime. Like we all just love to be around someone who constantly rolls their eyes and bitches over everything we enjoy. Uh-uh.

Matter of fact is, the brothers are different. They don't have the same taste. They would really both benefit from having someone they share a few hobbies with. Seeking that is a good thing for either. Best case scenario would be Dean meeting someone who he can geek out over music, cars and fucking Vonnegut with and Sam meething someone who loves reading classic literature and weird trivia. People in actual relationships usually have their own hobbies and circles of friends they keep going. And if they are not, something is very wrong with the relationship. Case in point, Winchesters.

Likewise, Sam running around without at least trying to call either Bobby or Castiel made no sense.

In the end I guess both were more a convenience of the plot than anything else.

Liked the double exorcism. Liked Sam being bitchy with Gary's family. Didn't like how the teen-witches got away with basically a slap on the wrist. They were seventeen, not twelve.

And what was that babysitter crap? John left them alone at ages 9 and 5 but couldn't do it at ages 16 and 12? Watch your own show, Siege.

The thing that creeped me out the most bar NONE? The dominatrix woman. She sees a guy looking mid-twenties yet acting 13. Not acting drunk or anything but literally acting like a child, not even a teenager much. Boy, I can feel my libido shrivelling and dying just imagining that scenario. Ewww. Someone call Dateline, there is a predator on the loose.

So, next.

Much better effort though myth-arc-wise also a disappointment. All this build-up for the Michael-sword and Michael suspiciously not appearing and it's vessel 101 after all? Not to mention easy-peasy vessel? Whatever.

At least Michael is a cool badass. So what if he unfortunately believes in predestination. All the archangels do (well, Raph was too busy moping over Daddy leaving him but I'm sure he does). And those are the angels who have laid eyes on God so each of them believes God's plan is working perfectly. They are flawed enough in believing it is working perfectly for them INDIVIDUALLY - Lucifer thingks he will win, Michael thinks HE will win, Gabe thinks it will play out and someone will win - but noone really believes in free will. Not even Lucifer with his arrogant delusions of "I have a mind of my own" still gives nothing but "and it shall happen just as I have foreseen it" spiel.

I thought Matt Cohen did a great job with Michael. And the scene with Dean sparkled. Next up, Dean as Michael please. Jensen would rock that. Yum.

There was a lot of nice parent-child interaction throughout. I felt Sam staring and Mary being uncomfortable wored really well. The car trip from hell was funny. Dean telling young John he reminded him of his dad and telling Mary she was his Mom were sweet scenes.

The one thing that was exceptionally badly written was the John-Sam scene. I get the sentiment of having Sam make peace with John in the only way that is left to him, to a John who can neither understand nor repricocate. THAT is great. However, for that you would have to eep young John in character, that IS unsuspecting. But not only does he break out with the overdone righteous fury over the tale of what is a stranger to him but he doesn't react weirded out when said stranger goes on and on in that weird "I have a friend..." (and you know they are talking about themselves or yourself).

The staring at Mary was so heartbreaking BECAUSE she was uncomfortable and couldn't know the emotional turmoil in Sam. Equally, John's reaction should have been an "ooo-kay". He was not emotionally invested and didn't get the context and yet that scene continuously played it as he did. Which why, to me, it failed. It cheated in a clunky way.

Wasn't to impressed with Anna's exit. They kept the character on infinite hiatus and that's what they brought her back for? Any rogue angel could have done that as well. Besides, she sucks at math. She wants to kill Dean, too? Yes? No? She never said yet went back to a year that would specifically ensure just that.

So, minor angels didn't know about the importance of Dean and Sam way back when? Because Uriel sure didn't know squat as he aptly pointed out to Michael. And where was Angel-Anna of the past when future Anna pretended to be her? She couldn't have been fallen because a) younger than Sam and b) Uriel followed her orders.

The coda was kind of sweet because I awed over Baby!Dean being a "little troublemaker already" and who wouldn't see the angel thing coming a mile away?

One thing that has continuoulsy rankled me? How Dean/Cas had such a nice build-up in Season 4 and the first four in Season 5 and since then the writers have gone out of their way to play it down. It's annoying. And Misha is way underused in general. Add to that the unorganic "Sam is my friend". Guess that amazing friendship developed in offscreenville, yeah?

The handling of Cas' character has been a major disappointment of the Season in my eyes. In keeping with the handling of the apocalypse and the handling of the brotherly relationship which is inconsistent as fuck in trying to determine if the issues of last Season have been laid to rest or not. And since I'm someone screaming bloody murder if they have - and especially by that hateful episode 5 - I'm getting whiplash here. If they are truly fine, they are automatons. If they are not fine yet we only see it once every four episodes or so, they are both schizophrenic.

Still, in itself it was a very good episode. Lovely performances by Gumenick and Cohen. Unlike the devolving Weechester flashbacks, I'd be happy to see them back again. But boy oh boy, Dean and Sam were kids from hell if you take the aging factor into account. *g*

In conlusion I say: more Michael!!!


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Feb. 7th, 2010 12:21 am (UTC)
I only remember nice chemistry of Dean-Gary from 512 so yeah, forgettable ep.
As for 513 2 great scenes made it for me because Dean-Mary was so touching and Dean-Mike was so powerful it lets me forget about plot holes and not that good sam's scenes. In other words The Ackting made that ep for me not the writing (and i hoped it'll be both).
I kinda feel RIP for Dean-Cas right now. I'm VERY disappointed.
Feb. 10th, 2010 08:36 pm (UTC)
I kinda feel RIP for Dean-Cas right now. I'm VERY disappointed.

Me too. I have no idea why they zeroed that out so much. It's not like they have an abudance of supporting characters that work on the show. Meh.
Feb. 10th, 2010 11:35 pm (UTC)
ITA. They like children with their mentality of 'if 2 have something third will distract from it' like having Dean-Cas there would diminish any Cas-Sam scenes, pffff.
Feb. 8th, 2010 09:15 pm (UTC)
the unorganic "Sam is my friend"

I read that basically as "because if something happens to Sam Dean will never recover" *g*
Feb. 10th, 2010 08:37 pm (UTC)
I read that basically as "because if something happens to Sam Dean will never recover" *g*

That's the only thing that makes sense. But I miss Dean/Cas. They hardly have scenes with each other anymore. :/
Feb. 10th, 2010 10:51 pm (UTC)
Maybe the slash was getting too much for Kripke&Co...? I always suspected they threw in Castiel more or less as a strategy to draw fans away from the Wincest - maybe they found they couldn't hack the angel slash, either.
( 6 have dazzled me — Dazzle me )