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What a pleasant surprise to see all my shows - well, the once I have managed to catch up on - to return with really strong episodes after the winter hiatus.

Teehee, slash goggles, galore. Wilson showing up in the restaurant to propose marriage, hee. According to that episode where they both travel to House' dad's funeral and we learn how they became friends - because Wilson was the ONE interesting and surprising person at the convention way back when - these kind of Wilson-acts show why they STAY friends.

Now, they know each other pretty well and certainly House doesn't agree with a lot of Wilson's philosophies of "caring, empathy and all that", though he certainly seems to appreciate and accept that part in Wilson a lot more than random samaritan patients of the week whom he writes off as morons, but every now and then Wilson can still surprise him and meet him on a level few can.

The side plot with the three vs. Foreman was kinda stupid. And why was Chase in on the noob plot anyway? I'm okay with though not invested in Foreman so I don't care if he is messed with but either he is just a colleague (they have trouble with) and no personal involvement with so they mess with him in an "evil boss" way and don't feel bad about it later, argue he is so great a boss they need him OR he is also a personal friend (and ex-boyfriend) in which case they approach him differently from the start.

But whatever, House/Wilson ruled.

Always love it when Tony is not uber-goofball but allowed to be shown as a person with depth and real feelings. It was nice to hear Gibbs praise Tony as a good agent but it would look even better if they showed it more consistently. They do show it, occasionally, but sometimes the jokester takes over WAY too much.

Loved the last scene with Gibbs and Gibbs trying to open DiNozzo Sr.'s eyes, especially seeing as there was a lot of truth to Gibbs being regretful not to have a chance for any relationship with his daughter. In his place it must really cut to see so many other parents being so careless with opportunities to bond with their children, Tony's Dad, Ziva's Dad.

Also, I may be the only person alive but I have never been bothered by Gibb's head-slaps or bossing his team-members around like kids sometimes. Sure, on some level it is outright respectless behaviour towards adults and colleagues, and yes, they react like chastizied kids with him in general. "Yes Daddy Boss" "Sorry, Daddy Boss"

And if that was ALL that was of their interaction I would hate it with a passion but not with a single one I have ever gotten the impression that Gibbs doesn't respect them as people, not as kids but adult people. Because when the situation calls for it, he does talk to them as such. See him and Tony here at the end, him and Ziva when they talked about how the Ari thing went down etc.

The thing that freaked me out the most in this episode? I wasn't clear but did the unsub sow on the wig on the living women's skull? And how much of it would those drugs supress? I mean, they were conscious but immobile so did they feel physical pain? The idea of having something sow on my skin - imagine the pain of that - and feeling all of it yet your body is even kept from screaming, shaking, blacking out? Horrific.

Yet you culdn't help but feel for the unsub either.

Now, I'll just have to watch Bones, NCIS: LA and Leverage.

Oh, and of course hope SPN comes back strong as well. The Season so far has been so-so for me. Started out well but lost a lot of momentum and I haven't been exactly a fan of character development so far. It's not conductive to viewing pleasure if show clearly wants a sympathetic or nodding-along reaction to something yet if that was you in real life, you'd feel compelled to throw punches.