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Yay, my Flaunt arrived yesterday. Hey, I thought it was gonna have all the photos in it? Well, the spreadsheet is problematic because I adore the black and white one but equally the green & wet one. The pink pyjama one? Not so much.

In other news, the Paley thing is an extra you get with the SPN DVD set when you buy at Best Buy. Does that mean they`releasing the thing individually too? Because I MUST see it.
And if that`s the only way you can get it, another big "fuck you" to us poor schmucks in Europe. *grumble*

I`m also not sure but I could have sworn I saw a small blip of commercial about SPN already on Premiere. Yeah, I`m counting down the days until they really start advertising it, maybe with one of their infamous specials where the news-woman doesn`t know jack-shit about the show.
I mean when she talked about Housewives it went something like: "Suzanne tries to keep the truth from Eddie (male form)..." Gah, people, the show is on your freaking network. That`s embarassing.

But nevertheless I`m looking forward to SPN in German starting by the end of October. Because you just know it`s gonna be hilariously funny with the bad translation and the German voices will make you claw at your ears. Dean`s wil be squeaky and Sam`s because he is even younger will sound about 12 years old.
And the titles will suck beyond the telling of it and give the whole storyline away. I. Can`t. Wait. *g*