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Three shows go into a bar...

Lets make a little hattrick here. My thoughts on

MUCH better than last week though still not without problems.

Those writers definitely have a love for toilet humor I don't particularly share and Dean is their go-to-guy for that but it was mostly bearable, even endearing sometimes because that to me is one of Jensen's specialties, softening up the "loudness".

What bothered me about it was that it was pretty generic Season 1/2 interaction. It's ludicrous that all the tension and issues of the last year have evaporated already. If so, what was the point? I HOPE there is more to come. I still have a list of things I want Dean to lay on the table.

That said, it wasn't offensive how they acted around each other, just same old, same old.

Jesse was a cute kid and the child actor was very good but if he nukes a continent in twenty years time, you can put me down for a huge "I told you so". Seriously, he is a child, he is all alone now and he has godlike powers. It is inhuman to expect him to not fall under the thrall of that. The best adult human in the world with the most loving support couldn't do it. Every genre show usually has one or two episodes that has a human character bumped up to Godlike status and it always, always corrupts them. Simply because the human nature can't withstand that temptation. Look how the powers and feeling of power got to Sam's head last year and they were far from Godlike. How can anyone expect Jesse to overcome this for the rest of his natural life?

Maybe my faith in humans is as limited as Castiel's. Which doesn't mean I wanted the kid to be killed, I felt for him, but realistically this will all bite them in the ass. And if not, only because show doesn't have the guts to go there. :-p

Also didn't have a problem with Castiel calling Sam out. Sure, it was harsh but not untrue. They disagreed, Castiel used a "weapon" in his arsenal. You screw up and make an argument later that ties into that, people will use it against you to weaken your point. That has been done since the dawn of time really and it will be done just as long.

Liked Smart!Dean figuring out the case and trusting his instincts. And always nice to see him with kids because he bonds with them pretty easily.

Since Jesse was someone with a dark destiny we had Sam seeing himself in him. It wasn't badly done but the anvil itself is also nothing new. I think he needs to let go of his ideas on redemption by proxy because it is ultimately disappointing either way, if they do the right thing they look better than you and if they don't you feel more hopeless.

The little Cas-action figure. Awww. Loved how Dean handled him. And Sam gave him the stink-eye, methinks there will be some jealousy afoot over boyfriend of sibling. *g*

The actress for the Mom did a fine job, too. Her tale was very creepy and horrifying.

Which brings me to fusion of humor and drama, and frankly, I feel they are having too much fun making their apocalypse one big laughing matter. It detracts from the gravitas of it all.

So, I guess I'll give it a "B minus".

Boring, boring, boring.

Seriously, everybody decided they were dead meat and then basically proceeded to sit around and wait for it.

Rush acted like an asshole.

Now McKay might have bitched and sniped up a storm but he would have been trying to save his own hide till the last moment and put people to work, if only for him as work drones, not spend time uselessly slamming them against walls or saying "I have to do everything myself".

Is Lou Diamond Philipps going to come onboard and act like an asshole every episode now? Because I would airvent these damn stones if so. Of course, I would do that anyway.

Chloe acknowledged her uselessness as a character on the ship and took a shower, presenting her nude body. Classy, writers, classy. She also seems to go with the flavour of the day, Scott, Eli, whoever is the hero at the moment.

And those people cornering Eli like he was the oracle of Delphi, just holding back info? Come on.

In conclusion, boring, boring, boring.

Missed doing this last week but since there is no new ep anyway - boo - I'll do it here.

I enjoyed it but those writers should stay away from romance. Everything is very overromanticized where people fall in love in the span of seconds and then make grandesque gestures because of it. And I still like all the characters but if they go back to Arthur/Gwen now it will look ridiculous. She clearly chooses Lancelot, even though the guy went away to "make room for Arthur". Which isn't fair to Gwen and isn't fair to Arthur either who surely doesn't fancy being the consolation prize.

And why didn't they need to play it like ZOMG!It!must!be!love when Arthur went on a quest for Merlin? Or why wasn't Merlin shown as equally gung-ho, simply to save his friend? This struck me as some overplay on "lurve" and how it trumps all. Subtlety is not for little men, my writerly friends. This show build on good friendships, don't thumb your nose at them now.

Merlin is a bit too much used for comedy relief but I liked his interaction with Arthur mostly because it was friendly enough. And still the creepy obsession with Arthur's love live. And the hint "you still have me". Hahahaha.

The giant naked rats were priceless. And it was all very Jabba the Hutt like with Hengist throwing people to them.

Lancelot/Gwen do have nice chemistry and on some level I even bought their connection - she gave Lancelot back his belief in himself.

Arthur/Gwen in the beginning? What was that look supposed to mean? That his and her station prohibits him from helping Gwen up on her horse like he did Morgana? Jesus, he could still order one of his knights or Morgana could ask for it or anything. I'm sure it would be covered under the code of chivalry.

Morgana/Gwen was also nice, with them fighting in the beginning.

The very.significant.looks around the campfire cracked me up. I know it was supposed to be all sad but it was just so overly dramatic. Heh.

So, in the end, it was cute, entertaining episode but somehow they haven't quite been able to recapture the Season 1 feeling for me. Pity.


Oct. 18th, 2009 11:37 pm (UTC)
SPN - i was disappointed with S1 dynamics. I hope they'll fix it or i don't see any point in S2-S4. And they gave too much power to Jesse. If (according some hints) even Luci can't control Jesse's powers then why they didn't ask Jesse to order Luci to go lock himself in hell again? It'd solve all their problems.

ITA to SGU. Boring to death. I didn't see any point in starting new series and i still don't see it. At least SGA in the beginning felt alive. This one is stillborn.

I have the same feeling from Merlin. Sometimes it's close to S1 but still isn't the same. But i don't analyse this show and watch only because of their fun in slashing characters. The slash part was funny so i was happy :)
Oct. 24th, 2009 10:50 pm (UTC)
I'm so bad catching up with comments nowadays. Sigh. But yeah, totally agree with your points on all three shows.

And "stillborn" is a great way of describing SGU. Boooooring.