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Incoming Met-posting

Went to the medieval market today - we have a little medieval castle in our hometown, not that old, 500 years or so but really nice. And it rocked. Yesterday's Merlin really put me in the mood for it. Yay.

I did make one mistake, even though I actually know better. Memo to self: drinking Met without eating first is really, really, really not a good idea. So maybe this entry constitutes as drunk posting?

Did try out some longbow shooting which is HARD. I had a little longbow as a kid but lost all my skills with it. I needed my five arrows to even get a hang of shooting again. Would have needed at least another batch to finally focus on hitting the target again. Sigh, I used to be reasonably good when I practiced every day but I guess 25 years or so makes a dent in your marksmanship. Second memo to self: longbow shooting is NOT like riding a bike.

Bought a shitload of medieval-themed jewelry, including stuff with dragons in light of Merlin's "Pen-dragon". So maybe going to medieval markets after watching Merlin isn't so good after all, at least not for your finances. Oh well, what good is it if you can't enjoy it, right?



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Sep. 27th, 2009 05:09 pm (UTC)
including stuff with dragons in light of Merlin's "Pen-dragon"

LOL Now I picture a very kitschy pen with a big cheesy fake dragon on it...
Sep. 27th, 2009 05:26 pm (UTC)
Ha, there were no pens in the middle ages. :-P

No, I actually got an amulet with a dragon and a very dark red leather wrist-wrap - you know the kind you'd use as protective gear/ adornement - with a dragon motive on it. Which looks quite badass, I have to say. *pets it fondly*
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