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Two to go

Once again I have been remiss in posting my SPN episode reaction so this is another double feature.

Considering the premise of this - and seeing the title the writers were well-aware I was apprehensive. Much more so because the writers were the ones who had penned "Yellow Fever" and ASS, the two episodes I easily consider the nadir of the show. But wonder oh wonder, this one was pretty good. I even liked Adam and found myself sad we had never gotten to know the real Adam and that he had died. Jake Abel did a fine job with a character that is usually the stuff of nightmarish fanfic.

Of course this episode left me with the burning wish to drag John Winchester from wherever he is now and kick him on behalf of his children. Also, righteous man? Yeah, right. "In the Beginning"-John, Pilot!Teaser!John but not Aftermath!John.

And I'm not mad that he had another kid. Though the huggy pictures with the Mom were creepy, did he carry on a relationship with her? Actually play house when he was there? *kicks* But the fact that he apparently was not only emotionally capable of being nice Daddy to Adam as well as taking the time out from the oh-so-important-hunt and doing it? *nother kick* Because if he had an epiphany on child-raising, well, his older children weren't dead. There was still time to at least make an effort to better the relationship with them.

But of course that would have taken effort. And it would have been inconvenient because Dean wouldn't have probably been obedient little soldier anymore and reconcilliating with Sam would have required letting go of his pride. So, the reason not to do all this? Made it easier for him. Not for his kids. So, my sympathy is with those kids.

Also, I don't think for a moment this episode validated the raising them as a drill-seargent lifestyle because see, poor normal Adam got killed. So did trained!soldier!Sam and trained!soldier!Dean. And really, being raised as a hunter puts you in much, much more danger than being a civilian. Heck, even trained!soldier!Sam here nearly got killed by the ghouls. So if Adam had training? He could have just as easily bought it.

Sam and Dean's reaction to the new brother were interesting because the guys have now made a complete u-turn to their position in the first Season. And then, they haven't. I felt their reactions were still a logical progression to their characters up until now. Both were jealous in some way of Adam and brought their own issues to the table in their interaction with him. Shades of that kid from Bugs.

Loved Dean being so suspicious in the diner. Loved him being smart and bad-ass and actually working a good old-fashioned case again. And the gymnastics? Woof.

Poor Sam. That's gotta hurt because those cuts looked deep and painful. Of course it had the added component of his blood being consumed vs. him consuming the blood of Ruby. And the vengeance anvils were also falling hard and heavy.

The rock-paper-scissors moment was a cute callback to happier times between them and made me nostalgic.

Dean's words at the end? Well, duh. John and Sam have the same stressor response. Which is why, when their goals didn't align which was the case for much of their lifes, they went at it like nobody's buisness.

In conclusion: not bad at all.

Jimmy!!!! And the Jimmy-voice!!!

Misha Collins rocked this episode like a rocking thing, and I felt so bad for the vessel but also bad for poor Castiel, sent back to Angel-detention because he has fallen in love with Dean. Awwww.

There was less of Sam&Dean-time but I didn't mind so much because clearly it had a tie-in to the overall story.

More of Ruby being shady and suspicious because she now has Sam exactly where she wants him and now she cuts him off? Could it be a timing-issue? With her demonic plan maybe? Uh-uh.

Anna wasn't well-integrated, just popped up to play exposition fairy and that was it.

Loved the child actress who played Jimmy's daughter. When she was possessed by Castiel, she kicked ass. And poor Misha, the one time Castiel gets to be real bad-ass, it is not in his body. :D

Sam vamping out, well, they tuned it down a bit from the spec script but it still looked pretty gruesome. He is a full-blown addict now and an intervention is in order. Cue Bobby's panic room.

Now hopefully Castiel will break through his re-programming soon and come back to his beloved Dean. *pets them*

On the other hand the brother relationship needs to get significantly worse, I think, before it gets better. There is so much trust broken right now, they will need a couple of episodes to kiss and make up in a believable fashion.

In conclusion: good one.

I kind of dread the next episode because that will be the "break-up" scene, the brothers having a real physical for the first time not under any influence. And it will end with Sam choosing Ruby over Dean and walking off with her while an utterly betrayed Dean issues the same words John once did.

Can't be much worse than that.

Lucifer Rising almost looks like child's play compared to that.


( 1 comment — Dazzle me )
May. 4th, 2009 03:07 am (UTC)
ITA for 419. And i ended up not hating John that much only because Dean's reaction to all that. He wasn't mad in the end, he was bitter, so was i.
Not much to say about 420 besides Dean rocked, Jimmy rocked, Sammy - ewwww :(
I wouldn't say in the future break up scene they won't be under any influence because Sam'll totally drink more and be high. But it doesn't matter. I kinda want that break up, i waited for it the whole season. It'll be very painful for Dean but he needs it. Of course they won't let him go away from Sam completely (and i hate it sometimes) but at least for some moments Dean'll be free.
( 1 comment — Dazzle me )