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Meet the loser who didn't get around to start her Bigbang draft - due today with no less than 20.000 words - last Sunday. Yesterday when I got home from work, I was at 9.000 words and despairing. This lovely Friday afternoon I'm looking loud and proud at 20.307 words (and still counting a little bit). Granted, it's gibberish and if someone would actually read that, they'd probably adivce me to break my typing fingers but it is a turn-in-able draft. Yay.

Now look forward to the editing process from hell. Hopefully my posting date will be way at the end of the schedule. *crosses fingers*


May. 1st, 2009 12:17 pm (UTC)
And the sad thing is, I did the same dance last year and when I signed up this time I promised myself to start earlier today so I wouldn't have to type out 10k in one day. Famous last words. :D

Can you believe that I'm more excited about June and July because of Big Bang than, let's say, because of Summer?

Yeah, I'm really pumped for this. Because of work even my reading fic level has dropped drasically those last few weeks so I still have to catch up on the Disney Challenge.

Of course before that can happen I have to finish my Disney fics, plus the rom com one and poor abandoned Horseman epilogue. Summer? I guess it will be work, work, work for me. *g*