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We are the Cylons

The latest episode of Battlestar Galactica was one gigantic mind-fuck - in a good way, I thought - but I'm not sure I understood the back-story completely. So, for anybody who has seen it

The thirteen tribes migrated from Kobol and founded the Colonies - the 13th went to Earth to do so. The Final Five were the survivors of Earth's Robokalypse and saved themselves by downloading into artificial bodies. They came back and made a deal with the Centurion-Cylons and helped them create 8 skin-jobs. They were betrayed by their first one, "John" aka Cavill who was jealous of number 7 "Daniel". And who else thinks the one copy that made it was Starbuck's Dad?

So far, so good. However, we also learned the downloading/resurrection technology was RE-invented by the final five and came from Kobol. The people of the colonies lost it when they learned to procreate. Now, were the first "people" on Kobol thus "Cylons"? I mean procreation is a basic biological function so I'd find it strange that these people what? Grew artificial bodies and dl their conscience into them, thus living as the same society over and over? That's not very human. And then, why did they go for the human method after all?