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It takes a lot for my "pop-corn entertainment" shows to really aggravate me but Jesus H. Christ, even I am sick and tired of Boreteen on House. And I neither hate the characters nor was particularly put off by them together. I just didn't really care either way. Which was fine as long as they and their relationship didn't take up too much screentime but now? Man, dial it down, show.

Quite frankly, I did like it more when 13's Huntington was just some background info we had on her like Taub's cheating or Kutner's geek days. Lately the latter have become more enjoyable to me because they're "proper" Cottages. They snark and spar with House, are a bit funny and quirky and their personal lives are largely left out.

Cuddy's baby thing is also a bit trite. That's a storyline you either commit to or you don't, writers. Not this half-assed pish-posh.

Also, MORE Wilson please. I miss the little scenes where House barges into Wilson's office all the time and the snark. Or where House makes Wilson pay his lunch etc. They were childish but cute. What happened?



Feb. 4th, 2009 04:15 pm (UTC)
The last few episodes really went too soap-heavy, I agree. Which is a shame because I liked the medical procedural structure. I guess the Thirteen character is some writer's pet or something because seriously no Cottage ever got this much storyline to themselves. And that was a good thing.