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Hiatus is over.

This isn't very long - by my standards :) - because I'm pretty discussioned out over SPN 4.11 but

For the most part, it was a good little MOTW story. It has been touted as akin to X-Files "Home" and - in my case luckily - it wasn't. Not that I disliked "Home" but I don't think it's an episode I'll ever rewatch. Even on SPN I believe for pure scare factor, the Benders was crazier.

While I like the Lilith-breaks-the-seals-angels-try-to-stop-her-arc, I did enjoy it as a standalone case story. The brothers worked well together and it has an old school feel to it. Of course on the other hand, if you DO introduce a pressing apokalypse story, you can't take all these time-outs. It's an arc you have to commit to.

Were there plotholes? Sure. The biggest being those feral children who could apparently communicate fine with the boy in the family and write but otherwise appeared as "wolf-children". Um, one or the other, writers. Either they have been socialized to a minor degree - speech, writing, reading - or not at all.

It didn't bother me so much that a group of 6 people were afraid of them (or just one). Their ferociousness obviously allowed to be stronger opponents - think of a human on pure adrenaline or drugs and what they can do vs. what they can do normally - they must have had razor sharp teeth - seriously, I don't think a "normal" human could actually bite into a rat like that, notwithstanding the ick factor. And they knew the house, their way around the walls. It was their home turf.

And of course, all throughout the episode you could see Dean struggling with something. Which I think worked fine if not for the ending. That is, if they had managed to woven his confession INTO the episode earlier, it would have seemed a much more cathartic experience, especially with the statement of Supergirl at the end of "how they might not be okay but together." It also could have given Sam some time to react.

Matter of fact is that tacking on speeches in the same setting basically seems clumsy. And I'm not even sure this confession was exactly necessary, unless it has a plot reason down the line. Otherwise, the storyline/character had enough angst already. Now it just becomes depressing. Not to mention it kinda undermines his position. Right now Sam could easily say "don't talk to me about my powers, you enjoyed torturing souls, that's so much worse". Even Ruby-Woobie, the most wonderful demon ever so far, seems to have the moral highground right now. Not liking that a bit and I hope they clarify that STAT.

Of course Dean could now approach Sam - IF they ever go even slightly beige with the dark arc they've been working on for oh 3 and 1/2 years now - from a position of "don't go there, I know it and I want to spare you that". So, there is that. Depends on how the writers handle that.

Were I especially bothered by the content of the confession? Nope. I happily embraced Angel and Xena as heroes and they had darker pasts. Pish-posh. Besides, it's hell and I don't believe Dean can clearly assess his own feelings about it. The sheer relief of not getting tortured anymore would constitute as pleasure.

Though, of course there is already the contingent gleefully celebrating his evilness. Or how he is whining so much about hell. Again, I don't like the tacked on speeches but it was 3 fucking scenes, amounting to a total of five minutes maybe. I've seen people whining A LOT more about his supposed whining - and other things - than I have seen the actual character whining. I can understand not liking it as a trait in a fictional character but that kinda lose gravitas if you display this trait a hundred times over, people.

So, I will have to see. If it just was done for kicks or to add more angst and set back any forward progression the character has made, lame, dudes. If I want to watch Buffy Season 6 where everybody was this close to slitting their wrists, I will pop in my DVDs. And I was a staunch defender of that Season up to very near the end when even I couldn't take it anymore.

Thing is, the writing of SPN, while occasional highpoints are reached, just isn't consistently subtle or insightful enough to really pull of a PTSD scenario that would make me go "wow". Like, make a consistent through-line on WHAT the character remembers WHEN and how his reaction ALSO consistently follow that. Baring that, just keep it on the less is more front.

That is not to say I haven't enjoyed the episode, don't still enjoy the show or the Season, though they haven't quite kept up the momentum of the full-throttle amazing start, I find myself liking it very much, just don't try to bite off more than you can chew. Deep psychological examination is maybe best kept for other shows. Ahem. ;-)

In other news, I'm hearing people are enjoying My Bloody Valentine 3-D as good, cheesy, slashery fun. That makes me happy as I hope the movies does well. It's not something that will make or break careers, anyway, so if it just lives up to its purposes - entertainment - that is more than enough for me.

Sure, I'd love to see the guys in "big" movies, either big in a blockbuster sense that gives a platform for exposing them to a larger audience or in the "wow, that material blows me away" sense but right now I settle for not having to watch the Devours, House of Wax's, Blondes or Flights of the Phoenix of the world. Baby steps, people, baby steps. *g*