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Nov. 19th, 2008

*crawls into LJ* BACK from the neverending trip of doom.

*boards first plane* *notices horrible stench* *shrugs it off because we're taking off anyway* *gets comfortable and longingly awaits serving of orange juice*
"Dear passengers, surely you noticed the horrible stench" Yup.
So we kinda can't find the cause of it. Oh!
So, we're turning the plane around and fly back another hour. DIE!!!

Okay, passengers, retrieve your luggage at carousel 7. *runs there* *finds that carousel 7 is not in fact a luggage carousel but a short line where maybe two or three suitcases come out* Dear passengers, your luggage will be at carousels 11 and 12 both. *clones itself*

*boards second plane* *gets seats of doom in the middle of the aisle* *is actually taken to desired destination - unfortunately, plane flies a couple hundred miles over it to Munich* *runs to connecting flight* *connecting flight is late* *and announced at the wrong gate* *finds right gate* *boards third plane*

*checks out train connections home* *finds out that train just left and only would have been manageable if third plane would have been on time* *waits two hours for next train* *train is delayed* *delay grows upon journey* *arrives about half hour late*

*gets home-home at 9.30 p.m.* *counts, then recounts but yup, it stays at about 34 hours, 41 with time differential*

*curses world*


Nov. 19th, 2008 11:05 pm (UTC)
BWAHAHAHAHA! I know I should be sorry for you but it's way too funny... *giggles*

Well, at least you arrived. After 34 hours.... Where the hell did you go?!?
Nov. 20th, 2008 03:19 pm (UTC)
Chicago for the Supernatural Con. :) But the 34 hours are more the time from leaving for the airport there till I got home here, everything included.