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Oct. 29th, 2008

I finished a short prequel and sequel to Whipping Boy. Anybody would be up for giving it a read-through?

All PG-13, all emo-porn. Prequel is about ~ 1.000 words, sequel is around 600.

*makes puppy eyes*


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Oct. 29th, 2008 12:39 am (UTC)
I can give it a try if you want? English is not my mother tongue but I have mad skills anyway... ;P
Oct. 29th, 2008 01:12 am (UTC)
Oh, that would be wonderful, thank you so much. You got an email where I can send it? Mine is in my profile so if you'd rather email me your email instead of putting it down in a comment, that works too. :)
Oct. 29th, 2008 08:09 am (UTC)
I don't know if you receive my email so I give you mine here just in case: nache12100@yahoo.fr . =D
Oct. 29th, 2008 10:56 am (UTC)
Thank you, I did get it. Just was so dead-tired last night that I pretty much crawled into bed before it arrived. :)
( 4 have dazzled me — Dazzle me )