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Also, I finally watched Atlantis

First off, what a boring, boring, boring filler. I get clip-shows for money-saving issues and most are just as boring but at least work to make the paper-thin ground-story around it less offensive.
And here I had always praised for Atlantis for doing a kick-ass, wonderful and poignant clip show in Season 1 "Letters from Pegasus".

This? Was not that.

So, thing is the peoples of Pegasus have a point. Wherever humans go, they tend to make things worse in the beginning. They're not exactly the smartest explorers, I get that. Though they're not malicious about it, just do too little research before they act. For example, waking the Wraith initially? They had their hearts in the right places with trying to rescue people but asking the Athosians a bit "so how about them Wraith?" would probably have been a good idea.

Also, humans do put their lifes on the line to make things better and it's not true that Pegasus didn't also benefit from their presence. Maybe the Michael-plan was screwed - though I'd say their continued treatment of him drove him over the edge but the initial idea wasn't bad.

Which means we had an exciting and interesting moral dilemma. In theory.

In the episode we had one judge who really seemed fair, one who was backing the damn Genii and one who was totally irrational. Btw, I don't usually get all up in arms over slights against women but did the one female judge have to be PMSing on crack? And how did she get to be a judge/leader in the first place. I wouldn't excuse any leader from being irrationally ruled by emotions just because she is a chick. People can't handle the pressure, they don't get to be in authority positions. Also, the actress hammed it up.

On the other side we had our heroes going all "pfft, shut up, primates". You know, the little bit in the Pilot when you see how disdainful Sumner is to the "underprivileged" Athosians/Teyla while Sheppard is nice and open and not all "they live in tents, maybe we can trade glass pearls with them"? Yup, that was a nice scene. The trial wasn't fair to Shep's team in particular but the attitude, I could have done without.

And why in the name of the heavens did the jury not want to hear the viewpoint of fellow Pegasus natives who have sworn loyalty to Atlantis? Yes, talking about Teyla and Ronon here. I would have thought the judges would have been interested in their reasoning the most. Or eff, they could have gone the opposite and made a point of how they didn't want to hear from the "traitors". Anything but the non-reason why they were stuck in the cell doing diddly-squat.

I liked Woolsey and I liked his solution. He played the game and played it well.

To summarize, it was a boring clip-show episode with a patently stupid cover story. Meh.