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Merlin episodes

Dragon's Call

Is it just me or did Merlin seemed to have great fun in the stocks? Teehee, he is such a cheerful lad.

And Arthur is like the dude who punches him repeatedly on the playground to show him his interest.

Giles as semi-evil Uther. Yay. "You shall be rewarded" *me and Merlin expecting money or prestige* "You will be Arthur's manservant" *me, Merlin and Arthur think this sucks as a reward*
I mean, being a servant. They made it clear in the very next episode what a nobody that makes you.

But looks fraught with significance flying all over the place. This show has no subtext, only text.


Awww, the manservant life is not so bad if you have magical powers to help you satisfy your obviously overdemanding lord.

Also once again with the cheerfulness when Merlin dresses Arthur. And he cheered quite hard for someone who, um, rides him quite hard. Take that as you wish. :-p
Did he maybe notice all the "fear of failure, please hug me" looks Arthur was giving in abundance?

Trust. "I believe you, little servant" *smile*

First fight. Notice how Arthur slumps after the fight. And Merlin broods. And he tried all night to save his love. *pets them*

Further, Arthur totally was incapable of acknowledging Morgana's help and thanking her but he did try to make up with Merlin in the end. True love conquers all.

Mark of Nimueh

Kind of love the running theme of Arthur wanting just one person to acknowledge him as a great wizward. Even if it's an evil sorceress.

Arthur "Merlin, come here" *me: Oh noez* Arthur "Clean up your room, nag nag" Is Arthur the housewife in their relationship?

Then again, apparently not because when Morgana comes by his own room is a mess as well and he blames Merlin's absence. But considering the state of Merlin's room, would Arthur's not indicate Merlin HAS been by? Hm.

Awww, he put his arm around Merlin's shoulders in the "don't arrest my boyfriend manservant" scene. What cracked me up though was the bright, idiotic grins everybody gave Merlin after Arthur announced Merlin was in love with Gwen. I mean, they arrested her for sorcery and Merlin just proclaimed a deep attachment to her, admitting to a crime punishable by death, but everybody seemed to think "awww, young goofy boy in love, so cute". Even Uther barely suppressed a giggle.

Now off to Number 4.


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Oct. 16th, 2008 05:46 pm (UTC)
What is Merlin? :)
Oct. 16th, 2008 06:02 pm (UTC)
It's a new british show (BBC, though it can be, um, aquired everywhere :) that deals with Merlin as a young boy coming to Camelot. Only magic is forbidden at this time so he can't show anybody what he can do.

And then he gets told that his destiny lies with Arthur, only they had an interesting "meet cute" earlier and don't like each other much in the beginning.

The protagonists are young and the show is geared to a somewhat youngish audience - also the historical inaccurcies are ripe - but it's such goofy, wonderful fun. And Merlin and Arthur are such a sweet pair with their bickering and banter. For me its a great cheer-up show when you're feeling down.
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