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Okay, lots of shows have done things/plotlines fans were not happy about or such that revealed themselves to be huge mistakes (often they are one and the same) but at least they had the guts to stand by them.

This was a pitter-pattering back, the likes of which I have not seen since Bobby came out of the shower way back when.

I like Zack and I like his cutely, logical genius ways and he did get some funny lines in plus the dynamic with the others was wicked cute but only if I ignore his whole storyline development in the Season 3 Finale. So either/or show. You could have thought of that BEFORE you made him the master's accomplice.

And I'm not saying they all should have washed their hands off him, I liked the idea they visited him in the institution - he was their friend, they have a right to keep loving him as such and show it - or that they should have treated him badly when he showed up at the Jeffersonian - walking in in his looney bin jammies, btw - but kiss and hugs and "lets go out for a fun round of coffee" is a bit much.

This show is lucky it's just my popcorn entertainment so I do little more than roll my eyes over this nonsense. If it was one of my "investment" shows, I would have blown a fuse.