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What would Bruce Campbell do?

Back from Fantasy Film Fest in Mainz/Frankfurt. As usual, I had a blast with the gang - referred to as such for reasons of national security and not because I'm too damn lazy to type out lj names. :-p

On Friday we watched Dance of the Dead - a fun high school, zombie splatter that, if I watched it all by myself, I wouldn't find half as entertaining as watching it in the right "atmosphere". Thought it was hilarious with even a romantic zombie love scene - aww.

Next up was My name is Bruce - Bruce Campbell parodying himself and displaying a nice sense of self irony while doing so. In conclusion: WWBCD? Run away?
Highly recommended.

Saturday was opened by JCVD - a movie from, with and about Jean Claude van Damme. Showing epic Weltschmerz basically. And not that it was bad, just that I wasn't really in the mood for Weltschmerz. :)

However, it was followed by another fun splatter called Jack Brooks - Monster Slayer which didn't quite edge out "Dance of the Dead" for me but I really liked nonetheless. The best thing about it was the hero losing his temper over every little thing - which he finally channeled into beating up monsters. But he did it with the same manic gusto he would bash chairs into lockers. Awesome.

Already half-drifting away to sleep, we watched Blood Rayne 2. And seeing, I never watched BR 1, I have to take the gang's word for it being a fun - as in "it's so bad, it's fun", gory ride because the sequel really, really wasn't. Even that I could have taken if the heroine wasn't so damn incompetent in well, everything. Seriously, even the main dude in "Covenant" who got his ass kicked for pretty much twenty minutes straight in the final battle - despite various power boosts in between - wasn't that bad with the fighting.

In between watching movies, we also totally ate about ten pounds of food each - excepting the people who ate the low-fat chips. They probably only ate 9 and a half pounds. :-p