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It's a car, not a killing machine

You know going to and from work breaks my heart because it's not that long a drive - maybe 40 minutes if I push it - and I have never seen so many run-over animals in my life. I've often ridden in the car with my Mom to her workplace and there wasn't even one usually. But on my route? Today I counted them and twelve! little broken bodies lying on the road, mostly cats, some foxes, hedgehogs, one small dog. And not a day goes by when I don't see a new one.

Do people driving this way not pay attention at all? Because if I can do so without killing myself or someone else, I WILL hit the brakes full-throttle or swerve on the street to avoid hitting an animal. I KNOW they sometimes run right in front of you, and it's too late but not all the freaking time. Just a damn sad sight. :/