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Nostalgia attacks

Am just in the process of cleaning up the dark, mysterious back regions of my wall unit and other shelves. Have so far cleaned out no less than 54 kilos!!! of paper trail (old magazines, old print-outs etc). Next were about 6 bags of old video cassettes. The space that`s reappearing right now, it`s...magnificent. *g*

Now I`m moving on to the good stuff. Have just come across some old postcards my Dad sent me. I had forgotten there were so many of them- then again, I was still pretty small when the majority of them arrived, and I always looked forward more to when he came to visit. Sadly, the cards are pretty short and I can`t seem to find any letters. I remember/know so little about him, would have been nice to get more of an impression from the written stuff. Oh well, I`ll find a nice "memorabilia" corner to tuck away the cards at least.