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Musings of a couch potato

Am through with Season 3 of Criminal Minds and hmpf, Cliffhanger. Well my best J.J. will be the one "injured" - and hey, producers, riddle me how someone can survive that blast - and lose the baby because that spares them a baby storyline.

After catching an eppie during the Asylum weekend, I`ve started watching Big Bang Theory. Not a terribly original sitcom but I find it entertaining enough. Sheldon is a tiny bit like early McKay. Maybe that`s why I find him the most amusing figure.
What I didn`t like? Cutesy casting of Sarah Gilbert alongside Johnny Galecki. Yeah, yeah, we all watched "Roseanne" in the 90s, we get it. Kaley Cucuo on the other hand is back to her character from "8 Simple Rules" and that, she can pull off.

Last but not least

First off, I miss the 30/40s. I get the time jump was necessary but well, I miss the 30/40s.

Secondly, aliens? Roswell? Usually I have nothing against "aliens came to our Planet and were our Gods, left artifacts, yadda yadda" (see Stargate) but it doesn`t really fit into an Indy-movie IMO. There I prefer earthbound mysteries.

Nuclear explosion? Could have done without that too. It seemed all very "lets throw in as many references to the political climate as we can".

The movie did pick up once Mutt showed up and the real treasure hunt started. Crawling through creepy tombs, finding creepy tombs in the first place, figuring them out, booby traps, ancient riddles, dangers of the jungle - THAT is why I watch Indy movies.Therefore I loved the temple sequences. (Not so much the ending.)

The son-revelation was expected and I thought the dynamics worked nicely. With Marion too. And looking at the other three movies, she clearly WAS the girl of choice. I mean singer Willie was obviously just a fling and not interested in that life - also Temple of Doom was chronologically set before the others and Alison Doody`s character was the bad guy. So Marion. Equally kind of sweet and kind of cheesy they finally married in the end. Gotta say though that while Indy himself looked still young in some shots and looked more his age in others, time has been kind to Karen Allen. Woman looked great.

Cate Blanchett, I thought, did a good enough job but I couldn`t get over the ugly, stern-Eastern-Europe-cliché haircut. Sorry.

All in all, I did like the second half much better than the first but would on the whole rank it behind Raiders and Crusade but before Doom.