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So, reaction to 3.14

Still not an eppie that really blew me away. I gotta say after "Jus in Bello", I feel the Season is once again going into a slump and considering it started in a looooong slump as well, it`s pretty safe to say Season 3 has been a general bust for me. :/ Here`s hoping to some rebounding in Season 4.

Not that it was really bad but I felt there was some OOC-ness involved. I mean once they got to Ohio they basically switched attitudes with Dean being all rah-rah "save me" and Sam being rather on the "meh, why bother?" side. Flip them around and it all would have made sense but Sam being the rational one in this situation doesn`t make much sense to me. You got so much time and so many possible leads you can dismiss this one outright, dude? Fishy as it is?

Also I would have preferred if they let Jensen do his thing and express his emotions more subtly. No need to sledgehammer the text home. "I`m scaaaared." Stone me but I like my characters more on the stoic, tough guy side. Which Dean usually is so this didn`t feel true to me. Well acted but untrue.

Also the whelching clause? Hello? First off "John" at least mentioned it so good on that. But the plan he offered was the epitome of whelching - as put forth by the show itself in the damn Season opener - so truck meet plothole.

And then the end. "The only one who can get me out of this deal is me." Uhm, no, because the stupid clause still stands as far as you guys know. The crocotta was just making shit up so nothing it said can be taken as legit.

I really feel the writers have decided Dean is gotta be active now in the deal and find their own plot point is an inconvenience. So they simply drop it and look the other way, hoping noone will notice. Well, tough luck.

I already knew in the Dream-episode that epiphany Number 23.412 wouldn`t stick because the writers never let it stick with Dean and lo and behold, John enters the stage and we`re back in Season 1. Complete with dialogue.

On the dumb-y scale we have Sam talking "Dean" on the phone without trying to verify his identity even though an imersonator of voices runs around. Maybe the following exchange "Crocotta? What is that?" followed closely by "Hey, don`t they live in filth? Like in phone company?" should have been a little CLUE.
I mean if I don`t freaking know WHAT something even is, I wouldn`t know about its natural habitats either. Such an obvious lure.

Then there is Dean where I ca excuse the falling for the obvious trap of John because for the longest time they DID think maybe actual ghosties called. But in the house, didn`t it seem a leeetle bit too easy that high-level demon doesn`t use any nifty demonic powers and lets himself beat up like some schmuck?

Winchesters, report to aisle 4 please. IQ- points are on sale.

What I did like was the humour - a nice relief from the sophomoric "humour" in Season 3 - as well as some of the brotherly banter and snark.

Also Dean calling Sam on his shit regarding secrets. Yeah Sam, it`s shocking someone would keep a secret from their brother. Tell at least ONE of yours, then we`re talking.

And the dynamic with Sam/the teenage girl worked nicely.

So yeah, all in all it didn`t really strike the chords with me that it wanted to, I think.

My cold, hard numerical stats for this Season are: eps run: 14 - eps I really liked: 2.
(If I compare the first 14 of Season 1 and 2 it would be equally 14 - 9.)

Ratings are in also and while we`re up from last week, it`s still the second-lowest rating for the show ever. Disappointing really. I know all shows are in slumps but when you start out so little there is less room to go down. Sigh. Maybe next week.

The strike/hiatus sure killed our momentum: 3.12 had 3,2 Million, 3.13 had 2,27 Million and 3.14 had 2,51 Million. Maybe by the time the Finale rolls around we`ll be back up to pre-strike levels.

Promo for next ep looks good and has me tentatively intrigued.


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May. 2nd, 2008 05:41 pm (UTC)
I think that it's not just the strike - but its influence is not to be discounted, of course - but also the fact that they pulled the show off air and replaced it with Reaper without promoting its return OUTSIDE the network. People who watched SPN only on the CW network don't even know it's back or that new eps are being aired.
May. 2nd, 2008 05:51 pm (UTC)
Well, the whole CW is just one big, jumbled mess. I mean their target group is teenage females now? So what, GoGi is a "hit" because every Valley Cheerleader won`t miss it?
This network will fold, if in one year or two is the only question for me now.

I will say however it makes me glad to see their reality crap failing. So sick and tired of them but on the big networks they still do good. If they had done the same on CW, they might have retooled the network into cheap reality central.
May. 2nd, 2008 05:54 pm (UTC)
I just hope that we will see another uptick next week. Even if it's just a bit. I hope that the ratings won't stay the same or get worse.

My only consolation is the fact that even Lost hit the series low this week (not even 12 mil.).
May. 2nd, 2008 06:12 pm (UTC)
Yup, the strike did a number on network TV. Was to be expected, sadly.
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