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Weekend - Yeeeeeeeeeessssss

First month of new job pretty much done. Yay.

Still don`t have a real work-place of my own, "legal" computer use or any definite statement on if I`m gonna stay in this department or not. Well, no hurry, right? I`m young, I still have a few good years on me. *rollseyes*

I DO hope I`ll stay, however, because the colleagues are very friendly and the work - as much as I can do right now - is fun.

Also today was the first day I went there by car instead of taking the bus since it took a bit of time for my Mom to get her new car so I could take her old one. Now I haven`t really driven for oh, about four to five years so was a bit apprehensive. Especially as there are some nasty "hurdles" along the way, like really, really steep bends and stuff. Still, I neither crashed the car, nor myself, nor anybody else so I consider it a win. Found a parking space for free - another win. Okay, it`s a little walk to the office but I`m not cruising around the city for 20 minutes so I can spare myself an 8 minute walk. Lots of colleagues do it, though, and during lunch break they even need to go and "re-park" their car because the spots nearer are either paid parking or time-limited parking. Pfft.

All in all, things could be worse in Me-land. :D



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Mar. 31st, 2008 05:07 am (UTC)
Yay for driving! *g* I'm glad it went well and that the job is okay so far. :-)
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