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That was a good one.

It`s that time of the week again, me ripping an episode to shreds. :-p Kidding, kidding. I really liked last night`s event. And the ratings sure rocked. We are SO not lead-in dependent. And I`m not even convinced it couldn`t work as an 8 p.m. show. We`d do better in ratings and could anchor a night for the CW.

So onto

I think the episode worked as a tight, suspenseful action ride. Still don`t give a crap about the demon war but at least it seems to be picking up speed.

LOVED Dean be the one to come up with the plan. Which by the by was a FINE plan. So what if it didn`t work out quite alright in the end? You can`t plan for every variable and if Nancy/Amici didn`t say about a demon escaping how are the brothers to take this into consideration?

LOVED the interaction with Henriksen. HATED them killing Henriksen off when the man had so much more potential, especially now. Also as a little heads-up to the writers, it may not be the WB anymore but the name "white bread TV" was NOT used as a fond endearment. It pissed people off so can we stop killing every single black male character here please? Yadda, yadda, story reasons but well, you kinda MAKE the story so that`s a chicken/egg-argument.

For Sam it made more sense to have the episodes switched. I wasn`t too shocked with him willing to go along with Ruby. He is searching now, flailing and frankly vulnerable and impressionable. One charismatic leader type comes along, feeds him some BS and off we go. Well, that is if they could get rid of reigning champion Dean.

Peter deLuise. *sniggers* Intriguing why he immediately opened fire on...Dean. Not Sam who is apparently the to-be-made-dead-guy.

Am cautiously optimistic about the use of Lilith. Hey, Dean has proven to let chicks top so they might get off well. :) And no, not in that way.
The body of a little girl works for now. Depends on what they make of it.

Disappointed that the tats probably are the explanation why Dean never has been possessed. I`d dig something supernatural about him. Doesn`t need to be powers per se. Just as I want contract-holder to want him as more than a silly bargaining chip. Undignified.

The rosary in the toilet was a nifty idea. Teehee.

Bela - well, one more episode I can cross off the list. How many more? I now fear she is Lilith`s mother (the host, that is) and she needs the Colt to take her out. Which on one level at least purpose in the story, on the other I`m just, they took too long to make something of the character for me.

Ruby - despite some rather weak acting - hands on hips, bratty teen-vibe does not anger and menace make, I feel the actress does better with quieter scenes like Sin City or Malleus, the character itself worked. Only thing that didn`t? The boys dejected reactions at the end the show playing it as Ruby had been in the right.

Well, excuse me? She is a demon who doesn`t give away her agenda. She admitted to lying to manipulate the brothers. She appears and reappears conveniently every few weeks. And she has helped them a few times.
Now sure a bumbling, naive FOOL might take just the latter and think "utterly trustworthy". However this episode is titled "Jus in Bello" and not "Dumber than Dirt". Cutting someone`s heart out is a MAJOR action for a heroic character. Doing it on NOTHING ELSE than someone`s word who is a rather fishy source? Idiotic.

As seen it was BY FAR not the only way out and Ruby waltzing in and conveniently hacking up a spell that would kill her poor noble self doesn`t strike anybody as odd?
Either her goal is: ENDGAME: DEFEAT LILITH, WIN HUMANS - in that case sacrificing herself in some little skirmish does jack-shit. Afterwards she banks on the Winchesters magically winning the war? Lilith wouldn`t have been taken out as seen. Uh-uh.

OR her goal is: PROTECT SAM at all costs - in that case, she stays and fights to the death for him. If expiring by spell is acceptable so is expiring in battle.

Nothing worked with her action. Her being cranky in the end doesn`t fit as Sam lives and she does too. Jackpot if she is what she says. She can still work on toughen him up. At most it`s a minor setback. Oh my, innocents died. And Ruby is torn-up about it. Yeah, she only wanted to bang them all away with the Colt initially.

Also the enemy faction just lets her go. Uh-uh. Rushing someone 30 to 1 EN MASSE ensures victory, magical knives or not.

Answer? Only thing that explains everything is Ruby looking out for number one. Which may sometimes coincide with the good guy`s agenda but they shouldn`t bet on it. To me she wanted to a) see if she could push Sam to commit a brutal act or b) taunt him, knowing he wouldn`t yet, somehow ensure failure of the humane solution and then prance in high and mighty.
That or she is bi-polar. :)

So yes, on Ruby`s end that makes sense. But the brothers in the end not telling her to stuff it when she notifies them that next time they will do her bidding? Whatever happened to taking crap from nobody? Disappointing from a writing standpoint. They were SMART not to follow her. It had nothing to do really with humanity in war, just not rushing off blindly into the unknown.

Thus apart from the very last scene where the writing gives Ruby the high ground I really liked it.


Feb. 22nd, 2008 11:04 pm (UTC)
But I could see her being the girl's older sister. Then it would be Sam and Dean against Bela and Lilith, another way to point out that Bela is Dean's counterpart.

Oh true, good call. I can see that.

If she really was a part of the main plot, it would at least somehow explain her sudden presence (besides Ostroff's obsessivness with anything with a vagina that is).

Also true. I just am beyond the stage of frothing rage and into blinding apathy with her. I just want to fast-forward her scenes and be done with it. :)
Feb. 23rd, 2008 12:14 am (UTC)
I just am beyond the stage of frothing rage and into blinding apathy with her.

The same here. I'm slowly but surely reaching the stage of "whatEVER!" I tried to like her, I tried to reason, I tried to rage. My opinion isn't important anyway so why bother. Bela is a permanent fixture and no amount of raging will get her off the show since even Kripke himself is in love with her. So yeah *shrugs*