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So no new episodes have been ordered for the "Sarah Connor Chronicles" for this Season? Doesn`t bode so well IMO as ratings are in an acceptable range but continue to drop. And while I don`t think it`s a particularly bad show the problem is the source matter: an action movie. For one that doesn`t really lend itself to a weekly format and secondly TV wouldn`t have the budget for it anyway. Hence the need to make it slower, different and I presume kinda philosophical? Still the pacing could be quicker than it is.

Maybe John Connor - The Fight for Survival aka the Early Years after the big Showdown would have been a more exciting timeframe. Hey, John could meet his peer/friend whom only he knows to be his father. Hehe. That thought struck me as funny way back when I saw the first movie. And I do have a certain dream candidate for the role of Kyle Reese. *cough* *g*