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So, saw it. It was a good eppie, I thought. Certainly didn`t deserve to be a series low in ratings but I guess people were less than enthused about 3.09 and flocked over to Lost. Hm, shall see about next week.

- Dean`s issues, nothing new and nothing that hasn`t been done much subtler before. So in a way it`s a letdown though the scene was played great. However since the character does have no real plot, where is the freaking change to come from? You need new impulses to react to and the stupid deal IS about the dreary, old self-esteem issues.
(And the music being John`s? Come on, lets not get overboard here. When has John been seen as a motorhead? I happen to like oldies from the 60s aka my Mom`s music. Doesn`t mean I feel like I`m mimicing her there, I just like it. Lots of people like older music, movies or whatnot. Doesn`t mean much other than personal taste.)

Silver lining? We might with the admission of his deepest feelings finally have reached a point where he can move on from that. Also the demon holding his soul as well as the possibilites of becoming a demon might be the start of a real, supernatural plot that does give these new impulses. *fingers crossed*

Also I don`t feel like that is ALL he thinks about John. It was a nightmare scenario that played on feelings buried in the deepest, darkest corners of your mind. So Dean has resentment issues and because he never allowed himself to face them when they come out they look huge. Still the same guy who thought "everything stops until we find Dad" in Devil`s Trap or who was at least tempted to bring his father back via deal in Crossroad Blues. If someone truly feels badly about someone else? They.don`t.do.that.

And him admititing to not wanting to go to hell in the end? I took it as "fuck, I CAN`T go to hell now since I have found unacceptable consequences that way" and not "boohoo, I so regret my action and will be a ninny about it."

Laughed at the dream with Lisa, I gotta say. So he wants a family but everything was too schmaltzy as to make me believe he wants exactly THAT. Probbably was still lurking in the corners of his mind.

- Sam played a quieter role here, other than the smashorama at the ending but I especially liked him plucking Dean`s hair, don`t ask my why :)

- backstory on Bobby was okay, pretty much what I expected

- a few weird non-sequiturs here
"I can`t save you if you don`t want to be saved" Huh? Nonsense. If the deal can be broken - and Dean cant be active in that so I don`t`understand all the cries for him to do so, by the plot he is frigging FORBIDDEN from it - then it doesn`t matter jackshit if Dean is onboard or not. Why would it?

Bobby asking about the Psychicness. Random much? The plot didn`t explain to me why that anvil had to fall at this point. Yeah I know why it did but that doesn`t mean it flowed naturally.

- What else didn`t flow naturally? Bela. Seriously it was constructed like "hm, how can we find a way to twist the plot to bring the character in" and not "hm, the plot really mandates said character`s appearance.
They couldn`t have found the dream root somewhere else? Like stealing some from the doc? Bullshit.

They are all friendly again with her, calling her up and letting her hang around in the motel room and whatnot. Opening the SAFE in her presence. Bullshit. They might as well have went with Gordon for a beer after Hunted. She has screwed them over, willingly and knowingly endangered their lives a few times now. So when exactly are they gonna treat her accordingly? Someone else refered to her as the wacky neighnour, showing up with a laugh track and you know something will be stolen. And thats how they treat her. Yet her ACTIONS are those of a real antagonist. So riddle me this, writers. Why are her actions one way and her treatment is the other? I know they are going for cutesy nuissance with her but that`s not what she does. A cutesy nuissance is defined by never crossing certain lines with the heroes Bela has long crossed.

Sam has a gratitious sex dream about her and is all befuddled and starry-eyed upon seeing her. Bullshit. I could take random sex dream though in TV land even that is a big if. But the rest? Why in the heavens would he have warm fuzzy feelings towards her?
Well at least it wasn`t Dean. Sorry Sam, for throwing you to the wolves here.
And on a totally random notice, I do believe Lauren Cohan is pretty - not knockout but attractive - and she had a nice rack but I swear to god, I was afraid her eyes were gonna pop out of the screen and attack me at some points. Is this some weird camera lense or something?

You know I still think the CONCEPT of the character could work in smaller doses but unless the writers figure how to write such a character and bring her organically into episodes, it will get no love from me.

All in all, I`d give it a higher average rating. Which in Season 3 is almost a compliment. Ahem.

Trailer for next week? Hated the slapstick parts, dug the real ones. You know as a little tip, having an ongoing Season-long storyline with supposed gravitas the one thing you shouldn`t do? Make fun of it in a fluffy episode. Because after that fluffy episode viewers are supposed to swing back to dramatic and serious and that? Hard to do.


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Feb. 27th, 2008 07:59 pm (UTC)
You make a great point, comparing Bela to Gordon. I think it all goes back to the time they first met her, though. Remember how they both leaned over to check her out? I guess she is supposed to be just so hot that they can't say "no" to her or something... it would be more believable if the actress was a LOT more attractive, I suppose :P

And yeah, I think the writers were running out of episodes and Bela had to steal the colt so they stuck her in when they saw the slightest opportunity. The stress of the impeding writers strike added to their usual stress of already having to put together the episodes really really fast - it must have been unbelievable. I bet they all watch the episodes and just CRINGE.

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