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Beauty and the Snark

I`m all caught up on Season 4 of Stargate: Atlantis. I know, I know, I`m supposed to do other things but it`s so much fun. :)

On a general note: I continue to be amazed how great the effects sometimes are, they have space battles that are movie-worthy on occassion. How can they do this with what I assume a smallish budget on the Sci-Fi channel? IMO the Season 1 Finale was pretty much top-notch already and they held that level. Maybe it`s the downright silly episodes in between so they can save up money?


Adrift: Nice little Opener, I just love how things get worse and worse and worse in situations like this. "Squee, we fixed X. Now Y is broken." "Squee, we fixed Y, now our oxygen is running out." And so on. Hah.

Lifeline: Suspenseful little heist. Okay, so Weir had the usual Daniel-role here of holding off the Replikators through mental strength. Also, I`m amazed, Carter fits nicely enough with the dynamics. Maybe it`s the hair? :) Seriously, I like the hair.

Reunion: I knew something was to happen to the Satedans to make things clear-cut for Ronon but I didn`t call them to be Wraith-worshippers. And nice method of breaking somebody. Eek. I liked the moment where Carter asks Ronon where his friends are and he replies "right here". I dig cheesy stuff like that, what of it? *G*

Doppelganger: Mean!Sheppard was kinda hot. But I felt bad for him because people couldn`t help but look at him funny. Except McKay of course who had bigger fish, ah nightmare to fry. And wow, they both went to save each other in the dreamscape. Awww.

Travellers: Well, it was a bit like "Vala" from Stargate but better IMO. At least THAT is what I call one-upmannship that lets both the guy and the girl play strong. SPN-writers, take notice. Sheppard even repaired the Chair. Wow.

Tabula Rasa: I looooved Guerillia!Radek. Okay, I love Radek all the time. His Czech babbling is gold. Nice explanation for Teyla and Ronon`s immunity that in my eyes actually made sense. Okay, I called it with them being the only "aliens" but that didn`t detract. Loved the inadvertently created Military vs. Geeks camps, especially when they rushed the Marines. Also Ronon called Sheppard "buddy" - somehow I found that sweet.

Missing: I thought they did a good balance between "ZOMG, how much of a wimp can you be?"-Keller and actual strong and competent Keller. Uusually seeing Sheppard, Ronon or Teyla who are warriors at the core, it`s easy to forget that a "normal" person won`t just blithely march 30 kilometers through swampland (I know that didn`t happen, I mean metaphorically), carrying three wounded comrades on their shoulders (see metaphor) and all that with a stoic face. Or that someone would actually be compelled to SPEAK under torture. In that way we are used to seeing Uberheroes so at first glance Keller looks wimpy but she wasn`t really.

The Seer: Nice little parabel on knowing the future and what to do with it. Also my second-favorite Wraith is back. Yay. Though with the mega-destructo-vision I immediately called that it was gonna happen in Replikator-ville.

Miller`s Crossing: I don`t love episodes situated on Earth, didn`t like them in SG1 either but the McKay-double-dynamic is nice. Though am I the only one in thinking McKay`s sister is a real bitch to him real often? She sometimes seems purposely hurtful and cruel whereas Rodney is either snarky-mean or careless-snarky. Hm.
But wow, was that the darkest thing I ever saw Sheppard do on the show? I mean he DID talk someone into sacrificing himself to be fed on by a Wraith. And he did it for McKay and nothing else. I found that both incredibly powerful and disturbing.

This Mortal Coil: Heh, didn`t I see this episode on SG1 and oh, any other Sci-Fi show ever? :-P Still, it was very entertaining even though I felt badly for the Doppelgangers. The two Rodney`s hitting it off was priceless, as was the two Sheppards sheepish looks to it.

Be all my Sins remembered: Again, really cool space battle. I just love Todd, the Wraith when McKay was all about tooting his horn and he rolled his eyes heavenwards. Hahahahahaha. Even the Wraith are "human" that way. And no match for Rodney.
As for Shep`s reaction to Teyla`s reveal, well, what is military protocol on that? I`d assume a woman would be liable to inform her superiors of the condition as soon as possible and before battle missions? So I can understand him being angry initially.

Spoils of War: Cool little eppie again even though Teyla`s sudden pregnancy superpowers were of course convenient.

Quarantine: Czech babbling FTW!!! The pairings were nice, of course Ronon`s lost love having been a doctor/nurse, it`s a bit predictable he goes for Keller but in a way they are cute. So are Katie/McKay but even she can only be upbeat for so much and it`s bittersweet they both realized this. Besides, they don`t have the powerful, emotional connection of McShep.

Harmony: This year`s "The Tower" and whatever it was called in Season 3. Why is it always corny medieval worlds with kings and queens? Still reasonably entertaining if predictable. The final image was funny if mean. Hell hath no fury, hm? I guess John is out of running for future king.

Outcast: Did I mention I don`t like Earth-episodes? We got a bit of a background on Shep and a marginally interesting Replikator-hunt but that was about it. Nice McShep moment at the beginning though.

Also two quick general observations on Season 4 that I`d love to hear other opinions on.

Is it me or are they TRYING to play Shep as Kirk more when he really isn`t? I mean he had ONE dalliance with an alien women and the kid-crush in "Harmony" but there is McKay going on about it and Jeannie remarking as to his Prettyness and to me that seems a bit new? Or rather I didn`t feel it so much before.

Are McShep much more in love than previously? They now have thse scenes with gazing deeply into each other`s eyes with the atmospheric music and everything. Honestly some of these scenes and things they do, you`d have between love interests.
That stuff in "Miller`s Crossing" I mentioned above? Holy crap.
Hm. Not that I`m complaining. :D


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Feb. 4th, 2008 05:15 am (UTC)
I have commentary for all these episodes in my journal, but I gotta say that the Season Four writing has been amazing and strong and so much in support of McShep. I love the SGA writers more and more every week :D
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