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Fic-meme 2007

I see everybody doing memes and yearly reviews. As you may or may not not I`m a lemming, I`ll have to join in. :)

This little fanfic meme is snagged from dotfic and since this year I`ve actually written a few pieces, I`ll give it a try.

Stories posted: 15
(the larger ones are counted as one)
Stories written: 3-4 in hibernation so around 18-19
Fandoms: All Supernatural + RPS

My favorite story this year (of my own): I can`t decide. Seriously can`t. I love some one-shot like Sammy-Stamp of Approval just as much as I love a multi-parter like Grapes or my current project. They`re like children. *over-dramatic chorus swells to crescendo*

My best story this year: This is hard to say because I can edit my stuff till the dawn of time and still not be happy but I think the most well-rounded one came out:
Grapes of Wrath and other Forbidden Fruit

Story most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion: This is an even harder question because it can easily read as "wah, that was so brilliant so why the fuck didn`t I get 250 comments on it?" Which is not what I`m getting at here. At all. I just believe every author has a story they had fun in writing and somehow that didn`t translate for many, many valid reasons.
Mine is: Hidden Treasures
(I do like Consequences, my first attempt at longish fic but I`m the FIRST person who will admit that it reads very sketchy and uneven and maybe I`m a tiny bit glad not that many people read it :-p)

Most fun story: I think that should be most fun story to write, yeah? Okay, again I`ll have to go with Hidden Treasures. I giggled while writing it.

Most sexy story: Heh, since my porny barbarians ended up less naughty than I imagined, I`ll have to go with Grapes here as well.

Story with single sexiest moment: *scratches head* Once more Grapes had the actual sex in it. *g* But my personal sexiest moment in that story? Jared and Jensen kissing while Jensen`s glasses slip down between their mouths and the reaction to it. I loved my cheesy little sexy moment. *cuddles*

Most unintentionally *telling* story: I think the fact that I choose out-there premises as much as possible is telling insofar that I shy away from any autobiographical tendencies. Maybe Weapon of Choice is the closest to actually having some stuff from my childhood in it.

"Holy crap, that's *wrong*, even for you" story: When I started with Comes a Horseman I thought "that`s it", that`s pushing the envelope six miles over the line. But now? I think I can go crazier. Wait for my next big ficcie. *g*

Hardest story to write: Yeah, the long ones are hard because you hit brick walls ever so often and just by sheer quantity it takes a while to get everything down but harder yet were two shorties.
Guardian and A Bond of Steel
Just because I loved the ideas but didn`t know how to get them done.

Easiest story to write: Dreams are made of cheese, hands down. Seriously, that was done in under 30 minutes. And I was expecting it to look just like it. Was dumbstruck at the response, never thought it would kick of a whole verse. For some reasons the sequels take a bit longer to write. Hm.

This year's theme and the story that demonstrates it most: If there IS a theme in between schmoopy Kidfic, angsty Kidfic, schmoopy RPS-stories and angsty-porny RPS, it is a story I have yet to write. Sorry but I`m theme-less so far. *hangs head*


Dec. 27th, 2007 05:54 pm (UTC)
Ooooooooooooooh me likey :)