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I finally, finally got to watch

Defo a cute, little eppie.


- the brotherly moments which were both sweet and funny
Dean needling Sam a bit, Sam exasperately bitchfacing in return
Them talking about Christmas even though Dean wanting to celebrate came a bit out of left field even if it`s his last year
The end scene with the crappy gifts, the snow and the eggnog and all. I had a big grin on my face.

- the Pagan Gods who were just so cheery about it all
And really, if Lollipop world is what they have to do for a whole year to adapt, how can anybody begrduge them a little slicing and dicing? :-p

- Protective!Dean during the torture scene

- Flashbacks
I felt Wee!Sam was great and Wee!Dean was a nice transition between the quiet kid from SW and snarky Dean of now, also clearly overwhelmed with everything. But Wee!Sam pretty much ignored every insult thrown his way because he knows Dean is more bark than bite with him and one look from the Puppy Dogs and he gets what he wants.

- no secondary characters YAY


- um guys, you got taken painfully easily

- Dean not knowing popculture OR lore
At least the writer could have given him the bone of recognizing the wreaths on both houses or getting the idea to use the Christmas tree for stakes. As it was Sam had EVERYTHING.


- origin of the amulet, yes it was sweet and it was given by both default and as acknowledgment so in the ep itself it was fine
However my being undecided stems from the fact that I fear they`ll make it some deus ex machina with powers. Maybe even used to save him from the deal.

Protection amulet? Did a crappy job till now. And also bit chanceful as if John had shown up that day, Dean wouldn`t have got it. In any way I`d rather that whole deal plays out to have something to do inherently with DEAN, nobody else. Not as a pawn for Sam or whatever. The Padme role? How lackluster is that? That`s like being someone`s favorite hat. I want the demon to want him for some Dean-related reason and frankly I don`t want him to be saved as going to hell for a bit would make for a kickass storyline for him. Otherwise he might be going back again to worry about Sam`s destiny once more from the sidelines. Three years of it is enough.

But all in all, a nice little Christmas prezzie from the show.

This was also the first solo-offering of new writer Jeremy Carver and while it wasn`t perfect at least he didn`t write a bastard version of Moonlighting - one in which a lobotomized Willis is served to Sheppard on a silver platter so she can gleefully cut off his balls - in the guise of lip service antagonism. Not that I initially thought it should be very hard not to write such a travesty but ahem. So thumbs up to Carver.


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Dec. 16th, 2007 07:51 am (UTC)
Aw, see... You make me want to watch this. {{{hugs}}}

I'm glad you liked it.
Dec. 19th, 2007 05:29 pm (UTC)
Aw, see... You make me want to watch this. {{{hugs}}}

Heh, my powers of persuasion are Jedi-like. *g* Of course if you did happen to watch it already, I hope you liked it. *hugs back*
( 2 have dazzled me — Dazzle me )