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Demons I get, people are STOOPID

So, talks have broken down between the AMPTP and the WGA. And it looks like the studios only negotiated for show and are planning on waging a PR war now. And they are boasting how great their numbers will be for this quarter with all the saved expenses in paychecks.

First off, nice to be all gleeful about major unemployment right before Christmas. And secondly, I would TOTALLY be all rah-rah about great numbers in one quarter when long-term speaking I`m looking at going freaking bankrupt. That makes inordinate amounts of sense. So how about we wait for the numbers in the spring quarter of 2008 or the summer and fall? You know studios, once the ad agencies demanded their major cash back, your reality crap sinks like a rock and the fall Season is dead which means no new ad money AND a major viewer shift occurs that cripples network television forever.

If someone promised to give me 50 $ now - just like that - but also demanded I give them 5000 $ next month, I would not fucking do it. Why? Because I can do basic math. Obviously the bigwigs of the Hollywood industry can`t. Well then, like Monty Python said: just remember that the last laugh is on you .