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You know back in early November my Mom gave me a cuddle pillow for my Birthday. What is a cuddle pillow? Basically what it sounds like and no, it`s not just a normal pillow, it IS supposed to be cuddled in your arms at night. Well, in anyways mine is fluffy and soft and I love sleeping on it so I naturally I called it "Dean". :-p

Now "Dean" has a strange effect on my dreams. I dream fanfics. Like movies. In widescreen. And dolby surround. With special effects. And score. Which wasn`t all that unpleasant, in fact it was pretty good, except that now I dream effing fanfics that haven`t been written yet - I dream plot bunnies. They are a bit garbled and disjointed but still like movies. The downside of it? They burrow in my brain. And I do not need plot bunnies at the moment. Least of all such that look like they need 30 chapters to be told in all their space-opera-esque glory of murder, sex and betrayal. I have a long-ass list of stuff I want to finish first.

I think I might need to give up sleeping with "Dean". Noooooooo.