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Fic: Comes a Horseman 1/5

The forever-announced Barbarian-Slave-Crack-fic: now coming to an LJ near you. *g*
I`m looking to have it regularly updated.

Title: Comes a Horseman - Chapter 1
Author: astri13
Genre: RPS AU
Characters/Pairings: Jared/Jensen, Chris/Steve, Chad
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 5.145
Warnings: Graphic slash in later chapters
Summary: In the Bronze Age Jen is studying to be a healer, resigned to a life of quietness in his tribe. Though that may change when Jaret, leader of a Barbarian horde gallops into his life.
Notes/Credits: Many thanks to xkatjafx and anutty1 for beta-duties.
Pure, unblemished CRACK, people.
For practical reasons the characters will speak/think in English, maybe even a bit advanced and not Ancient Sumerian. I used real names when they sounded fitting for the time period, perhaps with a different pronunciation - any eye witnesses are welcome to prove me wrong - and tried to "age" those that didn't. Though they should be easy to figure out, still.
The title is an hommage to a Highlander-episode which served as inspiration for this. :)
Disclaimer: Not real, don`t own anything or anybody. Fair use only. Not created for profit.

Chapter 1

- Bronze Age, ca 2500 B.C., Sumerian desert -

Animal hoofs scratched in the sand, pots clanged and a few children were laughing nearby till their mother called them back to work. Jen knew those sounds as well as the rhythm of his own breathing. He had never known anything else than the life in this little village. And while Jen's tribe lived nomadic, they didn't do much more than move between the same water-places over and over again, in a fixed circle that took them four summers to complete. Each place wasn't much different than the one before.

Longingly Jen gazed over to his best friend Krisian who was getting ready to move out with the other hunters. Jen admired Krisian, not only was he the best hunter and fighter of the village, but, unlike most of the tribe, Krisian hadn't been born and raised here. Two summers ago Hashid, the tribe's healer had found the young man when he had been out gathering herbs and berries for his mixtures. Krisian had been hurt badly, and Hashid had taken him in.

Most of the tribe had been wary of the stranger at first, but, as Hashid's apprentice, Jen had helped take care of Krisian which had led to a friendship had formed between the two young men. It didn't even matter that Krisian was five summers older than Jen's own nineteen summers. Krisian had turned out to be an excellent hunter and, thus, an asset to the tribe but only when he'd risked his own life to save the young son of Jamal, the tribe's leader, had Krisian been fully accepted into their midst. A grateful Jamal had bestowed a great honour upon Krisian: naming him the tribe's first warrior.

Jen always begged Krisian to tell him stories of the world outside and Krisian happily complied. His words painted a picture of wonders and magic to Jen, of places where the desert wasn't endless but mighty streams allowed lush green plants to grow, far bigger than the ones at the tiny oasis the tribe had settled at this time.

He was especially curious about the big settlements. He only knew them from the stories of the traders that sometimes came to the village, and Jen could barely imagine people from so many different tribes living together in one place. Jen wished to see it with his own eyes. Wished for a life full of adventures, the way Krisian himself had led before he joined the tribe. His friend had laughed good-naturedly at him when Jen had told him that, pointing out that this adventurous life had almost led to his death.

As they grew closer Jen had also asked of Krisian to teach him to hunt but on this matter Krisian had held firm. By the tribe's rules a holy man's spirit had to remain pure and untouched by blood and violence, and since Jen had been chosen as the next healer, he was forbidden from studying the arts of fighting or even participating in the hunt. As a young child Jen had once been caught secretly practicing to shoot a bow, which had earned him a harsh punishment. He had been banned to the seclusion of Hashid's tent without any food and only a little sip of water every other day for the duration of ten full days and nights to cleanse himself. Jen had never tried it again.

It wasn't even that Jen didn't like to study with Hashid. He loved it. Even as a child, he'd been curious about the mysteries of nature, the sun and the stars. Besides, it was a great honor to be chosen as healer though Jen still didn't know why it had been him. Whenever he asked Hashid, the old man just offered him a smile full of secrets. Still, sometimes Jen wished there was more awaiting him in life than mixing herbs and tending to the wounded.

Jen blew a strand of his long, sandy hair out of his face in frustration. He had been tasked with grinding the thick yammok roots that grew nearby into the fine powder Hashid used to heal wounds with. Jen himself was getting quite adept at treating flesh wounds and stopping the flow of blood. This preparation work however wasn't pleasurable at all.

Then there was the matter that once his education was finished, Jen was expected to not only take over Hashid's position as healer of the tribe, but also to take a woman to his tent. Trouble was, Jen had no interest to do so. He liked the women of the tribe well enough, and he knew they liked him too. With his full hair, that almost gleamed golden when the sun touched it, his large eyes in the colour of the lush vines from the oasis and his full lips, he'd always attracted their looks.

Yet he never felt anything like in the stories he'd overheard from the other men when they talked about women. In fact the only time Jen had even begun to understand it, had been last summer when him and Krisian had swam together in the water place. Looking at Krisian's lithe, muscular body had awoken curious feelings in Jen. He had felt the urge to reach out and run his hands over the tanned smoothness of Krisian's skin.

Hashid's hand coming down on his shoulder brought Jen out of his reverie. The old man gave a pointed look to the thick roots in front of Jen, still largely in one piece. Ducking his head down embarrassed, Jen went back to work. He didn't know how much time had passed, only that his arms hurt from the constant grinding motion, when the scream rang out.

Startled, Jen looked up…and froze. For there, at the top of the dune overlooking the village were men on horseback, half a dozen of them. Only, it was obvious to everybody in the village that those weren't traders or even travellers from one of the bigger settlements, since the riders had painted their faces in shades or black and red, hiding their true features. Swords were gleaming in the sunlight.

Jen shuddered at the thought that the red might be the blood of those they'd killed. Of course he knew about barbarian hordes roaming the lands, murdering and pillaging on their way. But that only happened far, far away in the North, not here and surely not to his poor little village. He couldn't think of anything they had that would be worth stealing.

Around him the remaining members of the tribe stumbled around in blind fear. The hunters had long since moved out, and most of the men left behind were the old or injured. Still, Jen watched them desperately grabbing the nearest weapons, mostly just spears and bows, already knowing they wouldn't stand a chance against their attackers.

The men on the dune hadn't moved. In their midst a giant of a man sat atop an equally giant black horse. He looked to be the horde's leader, and Jen couldn't shake the feeling that the man was looking directly at him. Of course, that was just his frightened mind playing tricks on him, Jen told himself.

Suddenly the giant drew his sword and thrust it in the air. This seemed to be the signal to attack since the riders charged down the dune now. Jen saw two of the tribe fall under their swords already. Quickly he grabbed little Alana and her brother Ashan out of the path of an oncoming rider before they could be trampled to death. Breathing heavily, he set them back down and ordered them to run as fast as they could.

When he looked around, Jen saw the giant's black horse galloping directly at him. Jen started to run as fast as he could but it was no use. After less than twenty steps the rider caught up with him. Jen felt himself lifted up and thrown facedown across the saddle in front of the masked man. He bucked and kicked out with his legs but the other man's hand pressed down on the small of his back, holding him fast.

Jen didn't cease his struggles and finally, by sheer luck, his elbow caught the man above him in the ribs, eliciting a grunt. Strong fingers grabbed onto Jen's hair painfully, forcing his head back up. The rider gripped the reins in one hand and used the other to slap Jen clear across the face.

Jen tasted the coppery tang of blood on his lips and bit back a pained cry. His whole right cheek felt like it was on fire. Still, stubbornly he tried to bite the hand that hovered near his face. The rider hissed a curse and dealt Jen another blow, this time with his fist. Pain exploded through Jen's head before darkness overtook him.

* * *

Blinking several times, Jen awoke slowly. His head hurt - and so did his arms. He soon realized they were bound behind his back by thick ropes. Wriggling around a bit to loosen them, only made the ropes biting deeper into the tender flesh of his wrists.

Jen's heart hammered. The last thing he remembered was the attack on the village and the giant barbarian throwing Jen across his horse. Where was the rest of the tribe? Had everyone but him been slaughtered, including the women and children? Jen bit his lip, still throbbing from the earlier slap, not to break into tears. He was a man. He would face his captors with courage.

Looking around, he gathered that he was in some tent, not unlike the ones he'd lived in all his life. Though this one was made of much finer skins however. Probably stolen from the poor people the riders had slaughtered, their spoils of war, Jen thought in disdain.

Again, he tried to wriggle around a bit when the giant who had captured him entered the tent. The man was still wearing his face paint; his hair was a wild untamed mane of brown tresses hanging down over his shoulders so to Jen he looked like a demon that had arisen from the deeper grounds to torment him. Jen instinctively curled into himself, presenting as little target as possible.

The demon-giant's mouth curled into something. A grin, Jen recognized. Then a low laugh filled the tent. Despite the blinding fear he'd just felt moments before, hate welled up within Jen then. This murderer, this barbarian, laughed at him after he'd probably killed anyone Jen had known and loved all his life. If only his hands were free right now, he would --

"What are you called?"

The demon's voice was surprisingly melodic and human-like. Still, Jen decided not to answer him.

The demon obviously didn't like that. With two quick strides he crossed the tent and once again grabbed onto Jen's hair, drawing his head back at a painful angle. "What are you called?"

"Jen," he forced out when the strain on his neck became too much to bear. He prepared himself for another hit.

To Jen's surprise, the giant let him go and pointed at himself. "Jaret."

"Where…where is my tribe?" Jen asked hesitantly.

Jaret, the giant, waved a hand as if that were of no importance. "Better think of yourself, little one."

The words made Jen bristle despite his fear. He was neither a child nor little, in fact he was taller than most men of the tribe, even Krisian. But he wasn't brave enough to challenge the giant over it. Especially when he still didn't know what had become of his people.

Gathering up all his courage, Jen tried anew. "Did you kill them all? The women? Children?" His voice broke helplessly at the thought of tiny bodies lying dead and broken in the harsh desert sands.

Jen expected the barbarian to laugh at his misery or beat him for speaking up but he was surprised.

"Most of them still live," Jaret offered, shrugging.

Jen looked up at him, searching Jared's face for the truth but the war paint still made it impossible to see the human underneath. "W…why did you at…tack us? We are poor, we have--"

"You talk much." Jaret cut him off, frowning, "That's not proper for a slave."

Jen's eyes widened. "I'm not a slave."

"You are now, little one," Jaret nodded. "You will bring good money on the market."

Jen's eyes widened. Of course, that's what they wanted, selling them like bronze ware or cattle. Maybe he would get his wish and see the big settlements after all - only not like he had envisioned it. He stared at Jaret in horror. But the giant had obviously decided their little talk was over, stalking to another corner of the tent where Jen could see a bowl. Jaret dunked his hands into it and when they came away wet, started scrubbing his face with them.

From his position on the floor Jen couldn't see much beyond Jaret's broad back, so when the other man turned around again, he gasped. Without the paint Jaret didn't look like a demon at all, in fact he looked very young, maybe even younger than Jen himself. His eyes weren't fully brown or green but a mixture between. His cheekbones were high and his face heart-shaped under the mop of long brown hair. He looked…nice.

And now he grinned at Jen. "My looks please you, little one?"

Jen blushed, embarrassed to have been caught in his staring. He looked away. "Nothing pleases me about barbarians," he mumbled under his breath.

Unfortunately this barbarian seemed to have very sharp ears because once again Jen's hair was grabbed. Absently, Jen wondered if he would have any left by the time Jaret sold him.

"You need to learn respect." Jaret's grip became less forceful until he was half petting Jen's head. "Thankfully, your looks please me. And they will please many masters looking to buy you, I'm sure." When Jen just frowned in confusion, Jaret laughed. "You don't know what I'm talking about? Slaves are not only used for work."

Jen's eyes grew big. He thought he understood now. But as little as he knew about slavery, he knew that fate was one that sometimes awaited poor female slaves but not men.

Jaret laughed again. "Ah, a virgin. That will double the price."

"I'm n…not innocent. N…not at all. And if you tell people I am, they will be…be angry you sold them l…lesser goods." Maybe it was unwise to backtalk again but the words just tumbled out of Jen. He just wanted to wipe the ever-present grin of Jaret's face and he'd witnessed enough trading to be at least familiar with that concept.

"Tell me then, how many lovers have you had, little one?" Jaret scoffed, obviously not believing a word Jen said.

"Why did you ask my name if you weren't gonna use it?" Jen asked, evading Jaret's question.

Jaret raised a brow. "You have a smart mouth. You are lucky I like the feisty ones…Jen." He grinned. "Now answer me, how many people have you lain with?"

"Many," Jen insisted stubbornly.

Jared tilted his head. "There are ways to find out."

Jen swallowed nervously. As assistant of the healer he knew there was a difference between a woman who had been with a man and one who hadn't. But men didn't have a womb so maybe this Jaret was a powerful sorcerer who could tell just by looking at a man?

Jaret's next words did nothing to calm his fears. "You are lucky you will bring a much better price untouched." He then leered at Jen. "Maybe a little taste, though."

Taste? Jen frowned, again not fully understanding the meaning of Jared's words. What he did understand was Jared coming closer, brandishing a sharp knife. Jen scurried away as far as the ropes would allow him.

To Jen's surprise Jaret only used the big knife to cut his bonds, even though he didn't let go of Jen's hands afterwards. He half crawled over Jen's body, holding him down, their chests touching. Jen tried to buck him off, but Jaret was too strong and, unlike Jen, a skilled fighter. He easily grabbed both of Jen's wrists in one of his huge hands and pinned them above Jen's head.

Jen's heart thundered in his chest. He was almost afraid Jaret could hear it too. What would the barbarian do with him now? He was totally unprepared for Jaret's mouth coming down to press on his own, hard. Jaret was kissing him, and Jen didn't understand at all. Of course he wasn't a total stranger to the act of kissing but this kind only occurred between men and women. And for all Jen's softer appearance, he hardly could be mistaken for a woman. Men may kiss each other as brothers on the cheek, not…not… was this Jaret's tongue he felt? For a moment he lay still, shocked. Jaret seemed pleased with the perceived submission because his touch became gentler. His lips were soft, Jen had to admit, and under different circumstances this might have even felt good to him, but here and now he just wanted it to stop.

When Jaret's tongue suddenly pushed into his mouth, Jen had enough and bit down on the intruder with sharp teeth. Jaret yowled and let go of him, rising off Jen far enough to deliver a swift, hard slap to Jen's face.

"I told you I like the feisty ones, but you really better learn your place," Jaret hissed in his ear. He then stroked the cheek he'd just struck. "It would be a shame to mar such beauty."

Jaret's other hand travelled down to Jen's leg, sliding over his knee in lazy circles. Jen lay rigid beneath the ministrations, not knowing whether to fight back and risk angering Jaret or to submit for now. He felt deeply ashamed of his weakness and once again cursed the fate for not allowing him to be trained in the ways of a warrior. Though Jen wasn't sure how much of a chance he'd stood against Jaret either way. The man was huge and Jen could feel the hard muscles of his torso press against him where their bodies touched through the cloth of their robes.

Just then Jaret's hand crept higher, slipping under the hem of Jen's tunic. Despite the fact that Jaret wasn't hurting him, Jen trembled. He didn't understand what the other man was up to and felt vulnerable and helpless.

"What…what are you doing?" Jen whispered.

"Lie still," Jaret ordered, though his tone wasn't harsh.

Suddenly another man stood in the entrance of the tent. "Jaret, we need you outside."

Jaret cursed and looked up. "Stavus? I told you not to disturb me. I am busy."

Jen turned his face to the side, burying it in the rough folds of the skins he was lying on. He was embarrassed at being seen like this. His tunic had been shoved up higher and Jaret's hand was clearly visible on his upper thigh. Yet, curiosity won out, and Jen peeked at man standing at the tent's entrance. He was another one of the riders. Like Jaret he had scrubbed the paint from his face and looked like a normal human man now. Older than Jaret and far less good-looking…and Jen could have slapped himself for even thinking that.

Now the man rolled his eyes. "You can play with the slave boy another time. There is strife over the spoils outside."

Jaret huffed. "Chadan again?"

The man - what had he been called? Stavus? - only nodded.

"I'm coming," Jaret said darkly. Jen might have sympathized with this Chadan or whoever had to deal with Jaret's bad mood now, but he only felt relief that he'd be spared for the moment.

Quickly Jaret grabbed for another rope and twisted Jen's arms behind his back, tying him up again. At least he left Jen enough dignity to pull down his tunic once more. Before he left however, Jen felt Jaret's lips press to his head and whisper into his ear. "I'll finish with you later. Be prepared."

With that less than calming thought, Jen was left alone.

* * *

Jaret didn't return for a long time. Through the cloth of the tent, Jen saw that the skies had turned to darkness outside. His mouth was dry from thirst. His shoulders and arms ached from being bound, and he could hardly feel his hands anymore. He'd tried furiously to work the ropes loose once Jaret had left the tent but it hadn't worked.

Still, when one side of the tent was flung back and Jaret entered, Jen didn't know if all his minor pains weren't preferable to what awaited him now. Furthermore, Jaret didn't look like his anger had abated much.

Yet Jaret only went over to him and cut his ropes wordlessly. Uncertain, Jen sat up and rubbed his abused wrists. He bit his lip when Jaret grabbed a jug and took a few gulps of the liquid inside Jen guessed to be either water or ale. Jen hoped it wasn't the latter as the only thing he could imagine to be worse than dealing with a barbarian would be dealing with a drunken barbarian.

Jaret gave him a leering look, and Jen tried to cower deeper into his corner. Now the grin was back on Jaret's face and he leaned forward, grabbing a handful of Jen's tunic and using it to draw Jen towards him. When he was nearly in Jaret's lap, Jen braced himself for another fight. But Jaret only handed him the jug. "Drink."

Jen looked at the offered jug as if it was a snake, but his body's need for liquid won out, and he greedily gulped down what was inside. At least Jen's little prayer to the gods was fulfilled as it turned out to be if not water which was after all a precious commodity in the desert than at least berry juice. Pulling the now empty jug back from his lips, he made as to give it back to Jaret but at the last moment took a swing with it at the giant man's head. If he could knock Jaret unconscious, maybe Jen could escape under the cover of darkness. Maybe even free his people.

Effortlessly Jaret evaded the blow by grabbing onto Jen's arm and twisting it till the jug fell from his nerveless fingers. Jen bit back a pained cry, awaiting the worst kind of punishment now but Jaret didn't look angry. In fact he looked more cheerful than he had when he'd entered the tent. Playing Jen for a fool seemed to do wonders for his mood.

His arms shot out and encircled Jen's waist, pinning his arms to the sides. Thus incapacitated Jen could only squirm in Jared's strange embrace. His eyes grew big when he felt something big and hard poke his backside. Being a man, Jen had a pretty good idea what it was, but of course he'd never been in a position to feel it like this.

Jaret laughed again. "I am tired and had intended to sleep but if you insist, I'll be glad to take my pleasure with you first."

Immediately Jen went rigid. If Jaret really wanted to go to sleep now, Jen would happily let him be.

Laughing again, Jaret just rolled them a bit till Jen was half-buried under him, Jaret's hands still enclosing him like unbreakable bands. Jen felt Jaret puffing warm air into his neck. The giant obviously intended for them sleep like this. Jen bit his tongue not to say something Jaret would deem as insolent and worthy of either more punishment or more of that other thing, he'd threatened Jen with.

But still, didn't the man know he was as heavy as a horse? Jen feared that by morning he would be crushed, grinded into powder like the yammok roots he'd been working on before. The thought brought a deep ache to his heart. Just a day before - or had it been longer? - Jen had wished for his life to be more exciting, for adventures to find him. Now he wanted nothing more than to wake up from this nightmare and find himself in the familiarity of the village, amongst his tribe, Hashid and Krisian.

"Sleep," Jaret commanded roughly, possibly guessing Jen thoughts. And by a miracle or through sheer exhaustion, Jen did.

He awoke the next morning to find Jaret gone already and himself alone - and uncrushed - in the tent. Unfortunately he was bound again as he soon discovered. At least this time Jaret had tied Jen's arms in front of his body which made for a much more comfortable position. Still, Jen wondered how he could have slept through it.

The end of the rope had been fastened to a pole in the tent, effectively tying Jen down like cattle. He tugged on the bonds a few times to no avail. At least the ropes weren't as tight as the day before and his 'leash' gave him enough room to manoeuvre his body into a sitting position. He looked around for something to cut the ropes with but of course Jaret hadn't left him with a weapon.

Jen squirmed, feeling the need to relieve himself. Angry voices outside caught his ear.

"You said it yourself, there is good money to be had."

"Enough Chadan, I'm the leader here. And I decide what to do with the slaves."

Jen didn't recognize the first voice but the second clearly belonged to Jaret. Then the unknown man spoke again and his words made Jen sit up straighter.

"The men follow you because you lead us to make good bounty. But not anymore. This village was even poorer than the last. And there is plenty of slaves you can take your pleasure with. If the boy is pure, leave him be. There is much demand for his kind, especially the beautiful ones."

The oily tone made Jen's skin crawl. He was sure they were talking about him. Prizing him like goods. But it could work out in his favour. Maybe Jaret would bow to his men and leave Jen alone for now. It could buy him time to escape.

"You want to challenge me, Chadan?" Jaret's voice was low and dangerous..

"Jaret," a third voice, soothing, "No one questions your leadership. But Chadan is right about the boy."

"I will think about it," Jaret hissed.

Jen's mind still raced when the heavy tarp of the tent was flung aside and Jaret entered, red-faced. He was carrying a bundle under his arm and fixed Jen with a dark look, obviously deducing that Jen had heard.

"Don't feel too safe, slave. No one tells me what to do so you're still mine to do with as I please."

Jen swallowed heavily. If Jaret was a man of quick temper he might feel the need to assure himself of his authority - over his men and Jen. Only Jen would be the one bearing the brunt of Jaret's anger.

When Jaret drew closer, Jen involuntarily crawled a few steps back, his breath quickening. But Jaret only motioned to the outside with one hand. "Do you have need?" he asked gruffly.

Jen nodded quickly. If they left the tent, it would mean another reprieve. Jen was learning to live from moment to moment when it came to Jaret.

Jaret cut his bindings again and none to gently grabbed Jen's arm, lifting him to his feet. "Keep your head down. If you try anything, we'll come back here and I'll make you regret it. Do you understand me?" He gave Jen a hard shake.

Jen nodded again. Jaret's dark mood terrified him and the warnings were unnecessary. Jen was smart enough not to tempt Jaret's patience now.

When they left the tent, Jen took in the place where he'd been brought to. The camp was busy, and to his great relief Jen spotted the children of the tribe sitting in one large group next to another tent. Little Alana and Ashan were among them. Most of the little ones were crying or at least looked like they had done so a lot, and Jen felt anger well inside him again. These barbarians didn't care what pain they inflicted or on whom.

As Jaret dragged him along, Jen saw a few women too. Some were from the tribe, some he didn't know. Though they were well-dressed and clean, their eyes were mostly downcast. A few of the riders - and now Jen saw there were more of them than the six man that had attacked the village - were milling around, eyeing the women. Jen wondered how many of them hadn't been so lucky as to find themselves with company that preferred to sleep instead of doing other things.

Two men were standing together, watching them. Jen recognized one as Stavus, the man who'd come and gotten Jaret the night before when Jaret had…when he'd had…Jen felt his face warming even at the thought.

Everything else came to a grinding halt, however, when Jen saw a third man join the other two. He gasped. Krisian. Oh no, they had caught him too. At least he was still alive and…Jen looked in confusion at Krisian's attire, Jaret momentarily forgotten.

His friend had shed the traditional, simple tunic of the tribe and now wore the clothing of the other riders, long pants and a much finer tunic. And he was fully armed, his sword dangled from his side and Jen could see the hunting knife strapped to his forearm. He didn't understand. Why had the barbarians left Krisian with his weapons? And why was he allowed to move freely among them.

Krisian for his part looked at him in shock before his eyes evaded Jen's own. Meanwhile Jaret must have lost his patience because he gave Jen another hard shake and dragged him farther from the camp. But Jen's mind could only focus on Krisian's guilty face. All that only left one truth to come to.

Krisian had betrayed them. He was with the horde now.

* * *

Chapter 2


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Your plot just reminded me of a romance novel but better.... J2 <3 <3 <3

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Dude. I thought that would suck... 'cause, you know... stone age? wft?

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When I read the summary, I was sceptic but I wanted to give it a try (well, my job is very boring...). But I have to say, I find it great! I was totally caught in the story. I love this dangerous Jaret and the end with Krisian is sooo good! I can't wait to read more of it!
Nov. 26th, 2007 06:07 pm (UTC)
When I read the summary, I was sceptic but I wanted to give it a try

Heh. See that was my oh-so-clever hook, reading the premise, thinking "wtf? is this person on crack? I`ll now read and see how bad it is." *g*

But seriously, thank you muchly for giving it a try. I`m really glad you enjoyed it along with Barbarian!Jaret. :) Now hopefully the rest won`t be a total letdown.
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The boys in a historical fiction story, yay! You have made the history/historical fiction bunny in me so so so very happy. Please post the next installments soon, as I'm hooked already.

And aside from the concept as a personal favourite of mine, I'd also like to give you props for writing it well; it's clear, not over descriptive yet not vague either, and I love what you've done with the names - it's very inventive and it works!

Good work!

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*waves to a fellow historical freak* Though like I mentioned in another comment I hadn`t even imagined how difficult it could be to write something so far back in history.

I'd also like to give you props for writing it well; it's clear, not over descriptive yet not vague either, and I love what you've done with the names - it's very inventive and it works!

*blushes deeply* Thank you, that`s a great compliment.
(Deleted comment)
Nov. 26th, 2007 08:59 pm (UTC)
Thank you muchly, glad I didn`t disappoint - hope it holds. *knocks on wood*

And to think I believed Krisian would come riding to Jen's rescue - goes to show what I know.

Awww, that would have been sweet. Well, more on Krisian to come as well. :)
Nov. 26th, 2007 09:12 pm (UTC)
omgosh this is so awesome i love jensen being jared's prize and him not wanting to give him up this whole thing is really great ans i can't wait for the next part!
Nov. 26th, 2007 10:46 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much. Of course Jaret wouldn`t want to give Jensen up - he is a smart guy. :) Glad you enjoyed it and hopefully the next part will be entertaining as well. I`m looking to have it up by the week-end.
(Deleted comment)
Nov. 27th, 2007 12:27 am (UTC)
It's hard trying to say something other than Give. Me. The. Rest

*good channeling of Leader!Jaret* *trembles* I`ll try my best. :)

Thank you muchly.
Nov. 26th, 2007 11:31 pm (UTC)
An interesting take on the boys and I enjoy it very much. Poor Jen seeing Krisian has betrayed them. I can't wait to see whether Jaret keeps Jen for himself or allows him to be sold. Looking forward to more.
Nov. 27th, 2007 12:30 am (UTC)
I can't wait to see whether Jaret keeps Jen for himself or allows him to be sold.

Well, I can`t speak for Jaret but I know what I would do. :) Thank you so much. Glad you`re liking it so far.
Nov. 27th, 2007 12:11 am (UTC)
very interesting....i really like how its turning out....i thought that there
was gonna be like healing powers XXDD....hehehehe...

from reading this it makes Jared the dominate one and Jen the submissive...
so shouldnt the pairing be JaredJensen instead of JensenJared?....funny cause
i wasnt gonna read this cause it was JensenJared( gotta love a Bottom Jensen ^^)..but is glad that i did =B...i likes it=D

cant wait to read the next chapter....
Nov. 27th, 2007 12:33 am (UTC)
from reading this it makes Jared the dominate one and Jen the submissive...
so shouldnt the pairing be JaredJensen instead of JensenJared?....funny cause
i wasnt gonna read this cause it was JensenJared( gotta love a Bottom Jensen ^^)..but is glad that i did =B...i likes it=D

Oh, I didn`t even know that the order of the names signifies anything. I just kinda arranged them like that by chance. :) But since I prefer bottom!Jensen too, you can pretty much count on my fics for having Jared firmly on top. *g*

Thank you for giving it a go regardless. And glad you liked it. I`m hoping to have Part 2 up by the weekend.
Nov. 27th, 2007 12:47 am (UTC)
Loving this! Keep it up!
Nov. 27th, 2007 11:21 am (UTC)
Thank you greatly, will do my best. :)
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