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Thanks to the railroad strike I`m now sitting at home and will not be enjoying the newest SPN episode in a group-watching experience. I was really looking forward to that, heck to the whole weekened and getting out of the house for a while.
Fuck. They better refund my pre-paid ticket or there will be hell to pay.

As for the episode itself, what can I say? They`ve recently concluded the Tritter-arc on House on German TV and it was so unentertaining and dragging, it made for a horrible watching experience. Yet the relief that it was over? Like pure endorphin. This episode? A gazillion times better.

I had so seriously grown disillusioned with Sera Gamble over the course of her last few eps but this - while not total redemption (hey, THAT is hard work) - it was a huge step in the right direction. Show, welcome back. Never, ever leave me again.

Finally I get my brothers back. *cuddles them* I don`t exactly consider that satisfying emotional pay-off because the set-up was to me too dragged out and not entertaining but I. Don`t.Care because it`s over and they`re talking again. Really talking and bonding. And of course Sam`s trump card of "I need my brother" works. It has ALWAYS worked whereas the "care for yourself" was doomed to fail with Dean. Stick with the classics, Sammy. Gets you lucky charms and gets you right through Dean`s walls. Woohoo.

And it did confound something I speculated about: Sam was the little tag-along, hero-worship brother. Now in Season 1 they looked awfully estranged. And Sam didn`t really understand what made Dean tick and what he did think made him angry "you`re a pathetic, mindless soldier". I always believed that to be anger at John that turned to frustration and anger with Dean. From Sam`s standpoint his childhood hero didn`t stand up for himself with John. And it`s painful to have your heroes fall so at some point it was no longer only being angry at the Dad but being angry at the "Mom" because she enabled the Dad. Say right around the corner of "Kid`s" teenage rebellion. Classic.
Still, nice to see that schmoopy Weechester fic has been validated.

Also the Impala. Aww. Now of course I want that to remain Dean`s domain - technical stuff that is - because well, he needs to have something Sam doesn`t have but the little auto shop scene was so sweet. Maybe they could have a little gimmick where Sam tries repairing something in the car and then there is a rattling noise where in the end a cursing Dean has to fix it. Hee.

Poor Gordon. Besides Bobby he was the one recurring character who always worked for me. But he did come full circle and while I`m sad to never see him again, he got a great send-off. And really he remained principled to the end. And the actor rocks.

Poor Jesus!Freak. He really was Gordon`s friend and shared the same philosophy with him which in the end was his undoing.

Okay, the scene with the vamp was a little - or a lot - anvillious but after Opaque!Dean I take `em anywhere I can get `em now.

Nice action and hunter-y stuff.

Of course this is me, so you know what comes now, right? Right? Yup, the nitpicking. Actually I only have one nit, answers to the name of Bela. Because seriously why was she in that episode? Like Dean would give her their location. Pfft. Storytelling-wise her presence was not required and it ended up looking to me exactly like actress has contract for 12 episodes - now we have to have her in the episodes. Remember Season 5 of Angel where Lorne made main cast? Basically he got to do a "hi Lorne, bye Lorne" scene talking on his cell each time. Shoe-horned.

And what was up with her giggly "yeah, I totally sent a maniac on you, oops, but why are you so upset?" attitude. Why would they be upset? Hm, let`s think. Hey, I know, because that`s a freaking NORMAL reaction. To be easily anticipated by any individual with half a brain-cell. I guess in little Bela-world everything she does is so cute and funny, everybody else handwaves it. Very, VERY small, entitled children think like that.

But YAY for Dean having his KILL-look when he told her was gonna kill her. Of course they`re gonna play it down later, going by Gamble`s latest interview on how she will have a "substantial turn". Urgh, clichéd redemption, table for (no)one please.

Without Bela this epppie could have been excellent. As it was it was very, very good. Easily the best in Season 3. I know faint praise from me. Okay, it was very good for an eppie of the previous Seasons too. Now that`s better.

*hüpf hüpf*


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Nov. 16th, 2007 06:29 pm (UTC)
And it must have been so cute back in the day! Now I want weeWinchester fic that has Sam trying so hard to emulate Dean's every move.

Do you read Ridley James`Brotherhood verse? She writes the cutest Weechesters. I kinda love scenes like this:

“Come on, Sammy-how bad can it be?”

“YOU hate it,” the five year old countered. “You say so all the time.”

“I don’t actually hate it.” Okay, Dean should have learned to be careful with what he said after the whole F-word incident. “It’s just not my thing.”

“Then it won’t be my thing.”

At five Sam wanted to be just like his big brother. NO reason for deviation from perfection. Most of the time it was flattering-but not so much at that very moment. However, Dean hoped he could use it to his advantage.

“But I thought you wanted to do what I do during the day. I thought you weren’t a baby anymore.”

“I’m not a baby,” Sam defended, his arms defiantly crossing over his chest. “I’m five.”

“Yeah-well five year olds go to Kindergarten, Sammy.”

“But I want to go with you-I want to go to your grade.”
Nov. 16th, 2007 09:27 pm (UTC)
And Gordon BIT Dean! Let the vampire fic party start :D Oh my, Dean's look when Gordon did it, totally zonked, unable to move. And Sammy to the rescue! *g*
( 2 have dazzled me — Dazzle me )