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Yay, did watch all the Chicago panel clips finally and the cuteness is just on overload.

About the "incident" - I did feel bad for Jared because a) it was an awkward, non-flattering question in the first place (and non-sensical for TV) and b) the wording didn`t make it better. He looked kind of helpless for a moment and seeing as he seems to be an overgrown puppy who just wants to be fun for everyone, it wasn`t a nice thing to do. Makes me determined to say or make that stutter something very nice to him at Asylum. Provided he and I will be there. :)

But seriously so much sweetness all around. *squishes them*


Nov. 14th, 2007 03:46 pm (UTC)
I`ve been to a few conventions now and things like that kinda make me sad because the majority of fans is really grateful for the opportunity to meet their favorite actors and showing them support. Yet if things like this put off the actors from going to Cons in the future, they are the one who suffer. :/