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Hey, they WORF-ed them!!!

Ha, mid-Season 2 of Lost and I`ve finally found a consistent storyline I can follow. Not the monster, the hatch, the button or the love triangles. No, it`s like a weird game of tag.
Every few episodes some unlucky bastard takes up the role of persona non grata and all the other Lostaways perform this Klingon outcast ritual where they look upon him/her with contempt and then unanimously turn their backs to let him/her rot in shame by his/her little solitary fire on the beach.

And the best part? Past offenders are like doubly self-rightous and smug. It`s hilarious.

I`m not the biggest fan of the Charlie-character but hey Locke, you remember that time where you showed up at Boone`s funeral covered in his blood and everybody looked at you all: "Quick, let`s bury the body before he CANNIBALIZES him." ? Hm, no? Just checking. Of course that was like 10 days ago or something, which in Island time translates to about 15 years. I wonder if any of these people would even remember Boone.

So anyway, can`t wait to see who`s next. Has Jack been tagged already?