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Aaaand we`re on strike, that is the WGA is as of today.

In good news however, seemingly there was a little bit progress made in yesterday`s talks. I think all depends on if the studios are at least willing to TALK about the DVD/internet issue. So far they haven`t been and it`s the main point of the writers. They took all kinds of other stuff off the table already.

I`m still afraid it`s gonna be a long game of chicken shit where the networks won`t be hurt before March because eppies can be stretched out that long. I hope all the reality crap - along with the returning favorites bombs to high heaven. Maybe if there is nothing on but reality people get sick of it faster.

In our news it might be that ep 11 is our last while LA Times put us down for 10-12 completed, about 5 more to be shot. With the latter doubtful unless Gamble isn`t in the loop or gave false info. Man, what did those writers do the last few weeks? Did they not stockpile even a little bit? It`s not like this strike came as a complete surprise since oh, months ago.

Also, I received Witch`s Canyon, the new SPN tie-in today. Will see how it fares characterization-wise.

edit: Already my first nitpick and I have to be real petty here: botched physical descriptions that you could avoid if you`d take a look at just one, ONE picture of them, are really inacceptable. Sam`s face is rounder than Dean`s? ROUNDER? Hello? Jensen has a round face, Jared has an angular face. I don`t know how that could BE any more plain as day. *shakes head*


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Nov. 5th, 2007 01:48 pm (UTC)
I ordered Witch's Canyon in a spur of the moment thing yesterday, should be here tomorrow - I still need to finish Gaiman's book first. (Verena said, though, she's heard mostly positive reviews about WC)
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