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Believe it or not, folks, but today a few rays of sun have intruded in Grumpy-land. After hitting rock bottom yesterday which to be fair wasn`t only due to disappointments on the entertainment front but also because real life crap I will not go into and health issues. Lately I seem to suffer from loss of appetite - not exactly a bad thing but losing 14 lbs in about two 1/2 weeks was maybe a bit much - nausea and strong headaches that flare up and down. Last night I could be found curled in my bed in a fetal position wishing to be put ouf of my misery.

Two painkillers and some sleep later the world does look brighter and I have awoken to some sweet-looking promo pics and the news that my favorite SPN-writer is still with the show. Yay.Tiny steps but maybe things might level out a bit still. So go me. :)



Oct. 13th, 2007 03:16 pm (UTC)
Thanks, migraines are just so not fun.

And the promo pics really lifted my spirits. Hello show, where have you been?