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I`ve been taping the latest few episodes of Bones (early Season 2 ones, that is) and having watched them now, I`m a bit awe-struck. Not exactly because the show turned into a glorious masterpiece or anything - really not - but sometimes they are surprisingly adept with the handling of certain issues, especially political ones.
Diplomatic immunity for example - any other show it means our stalwart and true police force will walk all over it in the name of the greater good OR they will be pissed because evil guy 0815 walks away because of it. That they even brought up the issue of diplomatic immunity for their own guys in hostile countries and what it means was huge to me.
Also they somehow manage not to jump onto the idiot plot-device too much. Character don`t need to act/look like fools just so we can draw out a certain storyline past the 20 minute mark.

Have also started watching House Season 3 and now I know why everyone was so abhorred by the "Tritter"-arc. Come ON. That is one little cop guy and apparently he is able to raise a major vendetta on House. Any lawyer worth their salt would have had his ass for breakfast for clear harassment.

Further, this is the same problem I had with Vogler, the billionaire who got obsessed with playing tag-o-war with House. Ridiculous. Guys such as this don`t invest all their energies in little tiffs like that. And I`m thinking that goes for Cops too. With that attitude the guy would never have made more than meter maid. And what`s next? House defies clerical authority? A storyline where House and the Pope duke it out over 5 episodes?

Rome Season 2 is so-so. I`ve always liked Marc Anthony because I adore Purefoy so I dig the "Anthony" portion of Roman history but the show as a whole seems to have a different feel. Vorenus and Pullo did a motherfucking role reversal, and frankly I`m sick of this writing device. It`s a nice and pat way to have characters act in a total 180 to what`s been established about them.

Like Attia more now though it is a bit convenient that the most important events in history are always due to the manipulation of chicks in a bad mood. Attia doesn`t want to go to Macedonia because it`s gonna be depressing? Manipulate Anthony into making a play for Gaul and thereby set the first stone for civil war between Anthony and Octavian.

Also, there is a lot more sexual violence - last week`s ep: one castration, one dub-con buttfucking and one flat-out rape. Next week: more rape.

Medium Season 3 - I continue to like it. The stories are quiet and pretty simple but I enjoy unravelling the "what does this dream mean?" thing.The show is like the ultimate dream analysis. And I still love the family love up to and including the children. Adore Bridgette, the chip-munked cheek middle child whereas with another kid in another show I`d probably scream at the precociousness. Hm.



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Oct. 10th, 2007 06:45 pm (UTC)
lol I LOVE Medium, I still haven't checked out House or Bones yet but I totally will! Series 3 of Medium is still airing here!
Oct. 11th, 2007 01:03 pm (UTC)
Medium is one of those shows that totally manages to do without flashy big effects or big action but it`s more like a little riddle every week. I love it.

I love House because House, the character, is just so much snarky fun. Bones is story-wise not all that but I like the characters.
Oct. 12th, 2007 12:25 am (UTC)
i'm gonna check out House & Bones soon!!

Yeah I totally agree with you about Medium plus I think everyone on the show are fabulous actors! :]
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