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Wormhole closed.

Wow, am feeling a bit nostalgic here because it`s been TEN YEARS and today I saw the very last eps of SG:1. Of course I know there`ll be TV movies but it`s the end of an era. *cues little violin*

And damnit I feel old, old, old since I can still vividly remember the class trip where we went to the movies and my friend and I picked "Stargate" the movie to see in the cinema (most watched Forrest Gump). At first I didn`t think all that much of the show. Typical rockin Pilot leading into drivel eps syndrome but I stuck with it. And while it never became a show I was really fannishly invested in - henceforth probably my lighthearted enjoyment - I have good memories of watching it with the roommate in Uni.

Season 1: Oh dear, the "message" period aka "neaderthals are horny", "be nice to women", "overly worshiping sucks". What saved it was the kick-ass chemistry of the team. I really dug their budding friendship.

Season 2: The start to develop some neat background mythology.
Loved the Tok-Ra. Jacob. Loved Martouf. Sniff.
Loved the Asgard. And their continued worshipping of O`Neill for a while right down to the super-duper-ship being named the O`Neill.
The Tollan. Narim.
Really a few very good eps in this Season.

Season 3: All the above-mentioned alien people continue to play a subtle role. Kudos.
Also we get to play around a bit with the Systemlord enemies - from Apophis to Heru`ur, Seth, Sokar

Season 4: They went and fucking killed Martouf. Bastards.
Also we get a few weird plays on the O`Neill/Carter thing that varies from ep to ep and is just so unncessary. Everybody is good friends. I buy the friends stuff. Leave it at that.

Season 5: Again I really dig the continuity, Tollan, Ancients, Unas, Asgard, Replicators - nothing is forgotten.
And yeah, Daniel Jackson dies. Kind of. Can`t really say much there since the choice was purely actor-based and I have to say as far as character-eps are concerned, Daniel got so pretty nifty ones in those 5 years.

Season 6: Jonas Quinn - had my problems at first but I never disliked the character. He tried to make up for something that wasn`t exactly his personal fault. The team was a bit off necessarily but not a show-killer.

Season 7: Daniel comes back after his movie career didn`t take... oh wrong reality. :) Anyway Daniel is in, Jonas is out. Again I needed an adjustment period. But got kinda back into it.
Really loved the big battle against Anubis in the Finale.

Season 8: Hm, seemed to have more filler stuff to me than a real "arc" though I loved the Finale again.

Season 9: The newbies. I loved both Browder and Black from Farscape and I liked Mitchell well enough, Landry made for a good commander but was so-so on Vala. Her character as conceptualized didn`t work so well long-term.
Liked the Ori-plot though it did seem a bit overwhelming.

Season 10: Hm. Hm. It was kinda like going through the motions. They retooled Vala quite a bit to make her fit into SG freaking one. Somewhere though the old charme wasn`t there anymore.

Total tally of people killed off whom I liked: MARTOUF!!!, Narim, Thor, Frazer, the commander of the Prometheus, the commander of the Odyssey, two very good-looking Tok-ra leaders, Kowalski

People they luckily refrained from killing: Bra`Tac, Gen. Hammond

Also did someone suck out O`Neill`s brain throughout all these years or did someone feed Carter Mary Sue pills? There were some developments there that even my casual viewer-self noticed.

All in all, had some good popcorn evenings with this show.



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Sep. 27th, 2007 06:41 am (UTC)
Hee, I still like SG-1. Sure, it's not great television but it's fn to watch, like SGA :-)
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