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Random Stargate Season 10 musings

Damn, the one job NEVER to take on Stargate? Commanding Colonel of their spaceships. As a member of an redshirt SG-team you still have a chance but those commanders always get it. And I always like them. Poor Emmerson. :/ He`d almost made it out of Season 10.

Why do shows ALWAYS kill of the supporting characters I like? Stargate started it with Martouf and it`s been going on. *sniff*

And that stupid TRUST plotline is ridiculous. They are on YOUR planet so freaking deal with them. They don`t exactly hide in their big fancy business building. *headdesk*

Also, nice you can take so many detours from the raging war in the galaxy.

Daniel and Vala attraction anvils? Crack. Crack. Crack. I can believe his optimism and willingness to believe the good in people and that you can appeal to them would make him willing enough to give her a second chance. But he`d never feel romantically attracted to her type. I`d even see her as more likely for Teal`c. :-p

The old Browder/Black chemistry on the other hand was a bit visbile when she had him handcuffed half-naked to the bed. And he was munching on chocolate bars. Heh.

I don`t know what the fan reaction was to ep 200, aptly named "200"? But frankly I laughed. I`m a sucker for the silly meta humour. And that whole movie looked so horrible I`d love to see it. *totally hopeless situation* very next cut *strolling down the ramp, musing on how tight a situation that was* Hee.

The Furlings? Teehee.

The little Farscape blip.

Only thing I didn`t like was Jake`s appearance because did he get even dumber in Washington? He seemed barely lucid?

The slash-joke at the wedding though was funny to me.