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Fic: Hidden Treasures 2/3+ Epilogue

Hidden Treasures

- For Header and Disclaimer, go HERE

Chapter 2

- Dig Site, Egyptian desert, north of the city of Al Qasr -

With the sensation of something rough and scratchy beneath his cheek, Sam slowly came to. His head felt like it was stuffed with cotton candy. He figured that was because of the drugs they' d used on…Drugs. The kidnapping. The thought made him bolt upright, despite the feeling of nausea it brought to his stomach. Blinking heavily, he looked around to get a read on his surroundings.

The walls around him were covered with some heavy tarp. No, wait, he wasn't in a room at all, he was in a tent. He' d been laid out on an old woollen blanket, which explained the scratchiness. Still feeling light-headed, Sam's fingers slid across the blanket until they closed around a coarse substance . . . sand?' Oh God, where had they taken him? A desert maybe? Why had they taken him?

Of course, the why wasn't so much a question as the where; it didn't take a genius to figure out that the kidnapping had something to do with Dean and his stupid amulet. Sam should've known Dean would bring him nothing but problems. Even after knowing the man for all of five days, Sam had come to the conclusion the infamous Dr. Winchester attracted trouble like honey did flies.

Sam Morgan just had been the unfortunate enough to get caught in the crossfire.

Seriously, not even big, jade-green eyes, a sprinkling of adorable freckles and a sinfully plump mouth were worth this. Neither was a muscular body with a slight set of bowlegs and the greatest derrière Sam had ever seen on a… Damn, don' t even go there, Sam silently admonished himself.

Sam hadn't let Dean in on the fact that he'd always felt drawn more to the male half of the species, nor that Dean had made his pulse rise from the moment he'd seen him at that pig Chen-Ling's table. Of course, actually spending some time with the man had dampened the attraction quite a bit. Sam usually despised Dean's type, an ego so big it probably needed its own small country to live in and the overall manners of a wild boar.

However, considering his current predicament, his disturbing attraction to Dean was the least of his worries. Sam looked around once more. The tent was mostly bare, stripped of anything that could be used as a weapon.

Sam was still debating with himself if he should just take a look outside when he'd heard someone nearing. For the moment Sam thought it more prudent to feign sleep so he quickly moved back into a prone position, closing his eyes.

No sooner had he done that than he felt someone pulling away the tarp and entering the tent.

"Now come on, Sam, don't play coy. I know you're awake," a cheerful feminine voice called out.

Sam inwardly groaned. Great, the blonde bitch from earlier. Sam felt justified in calling her that, even in his thoughts, because he had serious doubts that that woman could be seen as a lady. She'd been present when a big, burly man had injected him with a needle, and she had let her hands run over him with deceptive gentleness afterwards. Sam would have preferred the touch of an actual snake. Stubbornly he held his eyes closed.

"That's not nice, Sam. But if you want to, I can bring Rashid back to see if you're really asleep. He wouldn't mind. He likes pain in all its forms."

Sighing, Sam gave up the pretence and opened his eyes to see a smiling face looking back at him - right over the barrel of a little Derringer. He swallowed heavily.

The woman tilted her head. "Now, now, no need to be afraid…yet." She smirked at Sam.

"Who… who are you? And why did take me? I' m a U.S. citizen and I'll…"

She waved him off. "Spare me the speech. This is not the embassy and you're in no position to make any demands, Sammy. You mind if I call you Sammy?"

"Yes, I do," Sam answered darkly. Even if he was a captive, he wouldn't let those guys walk all over him. Besides the nickname didn't sound half as nice coming from her lips as when Dean…No, Sam, focus.

Her pleasant expression slipped for a second but she just shrugged. "Too bad, Sammy."

"What am I supposed to call you? Cold-hearted bi…" Oh dear, had he actually said that out loud?

She raised the gun straight at Sam and the safety clicked off. "I'd advise you to choose your words a bit more carefully." Then she was back to smiling at him. "I'm Miss Marsters. But you can call me Meggie. See, Sammy, despite your rudeness, I really like you."

Wisely Sam refrained from responding but his expression must have been clear enough, for the woman's face darkened in return.

Slowly she backed out of the tent, weapon trained on Sam's forehead the whole time. "Hopefully for you, you made a better impression on Dr. Winchester, because if he isn't going to be a good sport about this, your lifespan is about to become just a whole lot shorter."

With that, she exited the tent but Mr. Needle, probably Rashid, took her place immediately, holding up a wicked-looking syringe in one hand. Sam involuntarily crawled as far backwards as he could.

Rashid was moving towards him, showing off yellow teeth when he smiled an ugly smile at Sam.

Sam's heart hammered in his chest. He didn't want to be drugged again. Who knew when they were going to let him wake up this time, if ever? When Rashid was close enough to grab onto Sam's arm, Sam lashed out at him but Rashid was faster: he struck with the needle and Sam fell to the ground, hitting his head on something hard as he went. Yup, that had gone well, he thought, and then everything went black.

* * *

For the second time in as many days, Sam came to with a horrible feeling of nausea. From the feeling of his poor, abused head, he figured, there must be a bruise the size of an egg there. A few more unpleasant discoveries followed. Instead of lying on the blanket, he was tied something unmoving. A pole probably. And he had been gagged. He struggled against the bonds but they held fast, only drawing tighter and painfully cutting off the circulation to his hands.

A figure entered the tent, face hidden behind the turban. In the tent's semi-darkness Sam couldn't even make out his eyes. The person drew a wicked looking blade and Sam couldn't suppress a shudder. What was this person going to do to him?

To his surprise the man crouched down low beside him and quickly started cutting away at his bonds. When he looked up at Sam and Sam saw a familiar-looking pair of emerald eyes, his own widened in return.

"Thean?" His voice was muffled behind the gag. In response Dean just put a finger to his lips. Sam understood: they had to be quiet. He couldn't believe that Dean had come to his rescue, that he'd even bothered to look for him.

As soon as Sam' s hands were free, he impulsively threw his arms around Dean in relief and gratitude. For a second Dean was rigid in his arms before Sam felt a hand awkwardly patting his back. Then Sam became aware of the other man's musky smell, his hard body pressing against his own and that just invited thoughts they didn't have time for at all.

Embarrassed, Sam drew away and only now remembered to remove the gag. He clearly heard Dean's mumbled "too bad" as he did it, and Sam pulled away sharply. What had he been thinking? Whether he'd come to Sam's rescue or not, Dean Winchester still was a mannerless brute. He glared at Dean, but the other man was busy checking outside to see if the coast was clear for their escape.

Dean pulled another traditional outfit from under the heavy folds of his own and handed it to Sam. "Put that on and hide your face," he whispered urgently. Sam quickly moved to comply. Dean looked him over and gave a satisfied nod. "Stay close to me and keep your head down."

"Where are we?" Sam whispered back, feeling that he was entitled to at least that bit of information.

"Egypt," Dean answered, impatiently, though still in a hushed tone. "Now come on."

"Egypt," Sam squeaked, forgetting himself.

Dean's hand cowered his mouth while furious green eyes focused on Sam. "Are you crazy? Be quiet, Sammy."

"Sowwy," Sam mumbled behind the hand.

Thankfully, no one seemed to have heard, and soon the two men made their way through the desert outside. Only now could Sam see that they were at some kind of archaeological digging site. A little tent city had been built next to the dig, and since night had fallen, the native workers had gathered around little campfires everywhere.

Sam nervously looked around for Meggie or that thug Rashid but couldn't see either. Dean strolled through the site as if he was taking a walk in the parks of Stanford. He steered them to a campfire that was a little bit farther away and sat down, motioning for Sam to do the same.

Sam had no idea what this was all about. Shouldn't they be trying to get as far away from here as possible? He flinched when one of the workers started speaking to Dean. Surely, their cover would be blown any minute. But then Sam realized what the man was saying to Dean in thickly-accented English, and his eyes widened in confusion.

"Everything went well, Dean? That him?" The man nodded in Sam's direction and Sam could make out a friendly-looking, bearded face.

Dean nodded. He turned to Sam. "It's alright, Sammy, We're among friends. Bobbah, here, I've known forever. His family lives in Cairo and he often gets called to work on digs like this. He helped smuggle me in here."

"Um… thanks." Sam nodded at the older man who just nodded graciously in return. So Sam turned his attention back on Dean. "Shouldn't we leave, though? If they notice I'm gone, surely they'll look for me."

"We can't leave right now. Cars won't be leaving for Al Qasr till tomorrow. We'd be caught immediately if we tried to sneak out now. We'll have to wait until morning. Jim is already waiting for you in the city, he'll make arrangements for you to get out of the country."

"But… but…surely they'll notice I'm gone before tomorrow."

Dean shook his head. "Lehne and that bitch are busy." He nodded over to a large, brightly illuminated tent. "They have some government representative to entertain which, knowing the Egyptian government, could take all night." Dean grinned. "We'll hide out in plain sight until it gets darker and then we'll climb down into the pyramid."

"Pyramid?" Sam looked around, confused. He wondered how he could have missed a whole ancient pyramid. Bobbah laughed good-naturedly at the action and Dean did as well.

"It's mostly underground now, Sammy, hidden in the sand," Dean explained. "But they've freed up a few chambers by now."

"And we're supposed to climb down there?" Sam asked in a hushed tone. "Isn't that dangerous?"

"Staying out here is even more dangerous. Unless you want to rejoin Lehne."


Dean' s brows drew together questioningly. "The man that took you. Tall, middle-aged, slightly grey hair?"

Sam shook his head. "The only people I ever saw were a very unpleasant man named Rashid and someone, I'd loathe to call her a lady, named -"

"Meggie Marsters," Dean finished for him. "I spotted her back in Delhi before they took you. And… sorry about that by the way."

Sam didn't know what to say. During the brief periods of his captivity when he hadn't been passed out, he had been brimming full of righteous anger at Dean. But Sam had also seen the man trying to get to him in the Delhi bazaar, and now he'd risked quite a bit to come here and free him.

"Um…okay, I guess. I mean, you came for me, after all. And not that I don't appreciate it, but why did you? I didn't think you liked me very much." Sam looked at Dean.

For a moment Dean looked uncomfortable but then he grinned. "It would be a shame to deprive the world of such a fine, upstanding lawyer. That and you have a killer body in a dress." He winked at Sam.

Sam's cheeks warmed. Dean thought he looked good in a dress? No, the guy was probably just messing with him, making another one of his stupid, inappropriate jokes. Sam's loudly growling stomach brought his attention to more pressing matters anyhow.

"They didn't feed you, huh?" Dean looked at him in what Sam thought to be sincere sympathy.

"They mostly kept me drugged so frankly I'm starving."

With a friendly smile, Bobbah handed him a little bowl filled with rice and various exotic looking produce. Sam nodded his thanks and dug in. But Bobbah wasn't finished just yet. He grabbed another, larger bowl and held it out to Sam. "Here, eat. Eat. Need to keep up your strength."

When Sam peered dubiously into the second bowl, all his hunger dissipated at once. Were those bugs?

"Roasted bugs. It's a specialty here," Dean explained to him, obviously guessing the reason behind Sam's sudden paleness.

Sam swallowed, quickly looking away from the disgusting contents of the bowl. "Thanks but I'll… I'll stick to the rice." He felt his eyes roll to the back of his head when the other men, including Bobbah and Dean, started to partake in the bug-feast.

Once they had finished their dinner - Sam keeping his eyes firmly on his own lap to keep from vomiting - Dean got up and innocently started stretching. He said a few words in a language Sam couldn't understand. What he did understand, however, was Dean's signal to get up and follow him.

Slowly they made their way over to what Sam guessed was the entrance to the pyramid, using a rickety wooden ladder to climb underground. San wondered if the lone guard standing watch at the entrance was a friend of Dean's as well because he just nodded them in.

He looked at Dean for confirmation, but when Dean started rubbing his thumb against his pointer and middle finger in the universal gesture for money, Sam understood. The guard had been bribed.

Dean led them through an outer chamber into a room, faintly illuminated by torchlight. He turned to Sam. "This is the preparation chamber. You know, rituals and stuff. They're still looking for the map room."

"The map room?"

"It's supposed to point the way to the Well of Souls, where, according to the legend, the Ark is held," Dean explained.

Sam's brows knitted together in concentration. "I thought you said the amulet is the map?"

"It is. But you can only use it in the map room. There is supposed to be a little miniature at the city of Tanis there with a staff in the ground and -"

"Let me guess, you put the amulet on top and once the sun comes up, the rays will be focused through the hole in its middle and point to the right place," Sam cut him off.

"Okay, Sammy, you can tell me if you snuck into archaeology class. Really."

Sam scoffed. "Come on, Dean, this is exactly how they would do it in one of those ludicrous adventure novels."

Dean looked insulted. "Well, in that case the novels are correct. The ancient Egyptians were masterful observers of the sky, sun, moon, stars. And they used them for their rituals or to relay a message like this one."

Sam wasn't convinced. "If you say so. First you'd need to find this map room anyway." He casually touched the glyphs carved into the wall like you would the keys on a piano if you didn't know how to play. Suddenly stones rumbled and the wall he'd just been looking at started to lift itself up.

Dean, who'd apparently busied himself elsewhere, came running over. "You imbecile, what did you do? They're going to hear that and…Oh my God, is this…You found it, Sammy! You're a genius!"

Sam didn't know if he should feel insulted or pleased. He'd never been called an imbecile and a genius in the span of in the span of a single breath?

Dean was still peering into the new chamber that had been revealed, a look of pure rapture on his face. Sam had to wonder if he looked like this when…The sudden commotion outside brought that particular thought process to a crashing halt.

"Damn." Dean seemed to have come to the same conclusion. "They found us…Wait here." He dashed into the other chamber.

"Are you crazy? Now is not the time!" Sam yelled after him. He ran back to the middle chamber and nervously peered up into the darkness.

From behind him, he'd just heard a few heavy thuds, like someone was wielding a large hammer, before Dean rejoined him. "We need to leave, quick."

No kidding, Sam thought. They raced back to the exit, only to find it blocked already by Meggie, a gray-haired man Sam guessed to be Lehne and a not very happy-looking, well-dressed Egyptian. Plus a dozen armed guards.

The Egyptian addressed his two companions. "Professor Lehne, you assured me the site was save from grave-robbers."

Lehne waved him off. "It is, Mr. Hamashad, it is. But as they say you need cheese to catch a mouse. And I've been trying to catch this particular mouse for quite a while. Isn't that right, Winchester?" He winked at Dean, who didn't respond.

"And Sam, is it? I'm afraid I don't know your last name. But if that sound means what I think it means, be assured of my deepest gratitude. I take it you found the map room?"

Sam gasped. He hadn't had any idea that that was what he' d just accidentally uncovered, but it sure explained Dean's reaction.

"Now, Dr. Winchester, the amulet, please." Lehne once more turned his attention to Dean who still remained stubbornly silent.

Lehne's smile turned sour. "I seem to recall us being in a situation not unlike this one a few months ago. I got what I came for then, and I will now. Only this time you won't get away. So hand over the amulet, please."

"I don't have it with me."

A gun was drawn out and pointed right at Sam. "That would be most unfortunate for your young companion here. And remember, we wouldn't have to kill him…right away."

Keeping their weapons carefully trained on them, the guards climbed down and drew closer. Sam figured they could have run back but they'd just end up trapped in here. He shuddered at the thought.

Dean's hands clenched into fists and Sam tried his hardest to keep his calm. Finally Dean relented, producing a small metallic object from the heavy folds of his robe. He tossed it over to Lehne. The men immediately took a hold of him and Sam.

The gray-haired man looked at the amulet greedily before pocketing it and barking orders at the men with him. "Secure our guests in the preparation chamber. They should have a front-row seat for the big day tomorrow. Once the sun comes up and reveals the location of the Ark, I'll be the most famous - and richest - man in the world."

"Glad you' re not letting it go to your head, Lehne," Dean snarked, then grunted when a large fist rammed into his stomach. Sam winced in sympathy.

A few minutes later Sam found himself bound and gagged once more. And seeing as Dean was held to him by those same heavy ropes, their backs pressed into each other, it stood to reason that the man wouldn't be able to save him this time.

* * *

"We're gonna die."

"No, we're not." Dean continued to systematically check the walls for hidden doors or other trigger mechanisms.

"Yes, we are. We are trapped. We'll starve. Or asphyxiate. Or we'll…" Sam felt like his throat was getting tighter and tighter, cutting off his air supply, as he spoke.

"For God's sake, Sammy, stop it," Dean barked.

Sam looked at him, wounded. "How can you say that? They shut us in here. They have their map and now it's useless to them, so no one will bother coming back down here. Not before we're rotten skeletons and…oh God, look at the torches, how they're flickering. We're losing oxygen."

"They have nothing."

"But…but…the map thing, it worked!" Sam blinked, confused.

Indeed - and to Sam' s utter disbelief - it had. And pretty much right after Lehne gotten what he wanted, he had given orders to leave them in there and seal up the entrance. Dean had tried to bargain with him, to get him to at least leave Sam out of this - a pretty noble gesture, Sam had to admit - but Lehne didn't seem to suffer from the overabundance of a conscience. And now they were in here, doomed to die.

At least Dean had been able to get them untied, so they could roam freely between the outer room, the prep room and the map room but that was still far too little space for Sam's peace of mind. Not to mention that they were surrounded by stone.

"I…altered the parameters of the experiment." Dean grinned cheekily.

"You what?"

Dean sighed. "Remember when we found this chamber last night and I went in?"

"Yes, I do. We might have made it out if not for your little detour," Sam said sourly.

"Nah, the camp would have been in alarm and they'd already sounded the alarm.They'd have found us anyway." Dean shrugged dismissively. "But what I did was hammer that staff a little deeper into the ground."

Sam's eyes grew round. "You mean?"

Dean nodded mischievously. "They're digging at the wrong place."

"So, they'll come back in right? And then we can…" Sam was already starting to plan their second escape in his head.

"Hold your horses, Sammy. Once their digging turns up empty, they'll simply widen the radius. All I did was postpone them a bit.

"So we are going to die," Sam wailed inconsolably.

Dean's eyes rolled heavenwards. Well, stone-wards was more like it, considering their current situation.

Sam turned his back on Dean in exasperation and leaned against the cool stones. Just because Dean either was too stupid or his ego was too big to acknowledge the hopelessness of their situation, didn't mean Sam had to join Dean in his delusions. Great. After everything that had happened in the last months, everything that Sam had managed to survive, he would ultimately end up as nothing more than a couple of bones in some godforsaken ruin in Egypt. Not even a Christian burial, nothing.

He turned back around to give Dean another piece of his mind when he realized, he was alone. "Dean?" When no answer was forthcomming, Sam felt his heart skip a beat. The only prospect worse than dying in here would be dying alone. "Dean, this is not funny. Dean!" he called out loudly.

A few frantic heartbeats later Dean reappeared, looking at Sam triumphantly. "I knew it! I knew this place had to have secret passageways. After all, it's more like a temple than a burial site."

"You found a way out?" Sam looked at him wide-eyed.

"Think so, yeah."

Sam breathed out a huge sigh of relief. "Oh, I could kiss you." Upon noticing Dean's raised eyebrow and Cheshire Cat-like grin, he quickly relented. "Um…not actually kiss you…um, you know what I mean."

Dean cocked his head. "I'm a scientist, you know. I'm open to all kinds of experiments."

"Yeah right," Sam snorted, "From what I hear, you love to conduct your experiments with your own students."

"I do what?" Dean' s gaze darkened considerably.

"Miss Harvellier? The whole university gossiped about it for weeks."

Dean stepped up closer to Sam. "Not that this is any of your business, Sammy, but nothing happened there. She had a harmless little crush on me and that's it. If the whole of Stanford felt like running its mouth, that's not my problem."

Sam couldn't deny the effect Dean's close physical proximity was having on him, let alone the emotion in those stormy green eyes. And hell, if being kidnapped into the desert, rescued, then being recaptured within hours before you were shut in some ancient stone-tomb wasn't reason enough to go a little crazy, Sam didn't know what was.

He didn't even have to think about it. Impulsively he grabbed Dean and planted a kiss right on those full, tempting lips. At first Dean went rigid in his arms but soon his tongue was duelling enthusiastically with Sam's. Soon, though, Sam got a bit scared of his own boldness and pulled back.

For a moment both men looked at each other, at a loss for words after what just happened. Dean recovered first. "Attaboy, Sammy! Who knew you had it in you?" He winked at Sam before he opened up the hidden passageway again and disappeared through it.

A strenuous half hour of crawling through ancients tunnels later, they finally laid eyes on the open sky after emerging from a spot that had by some miracle been dug free as well. By an even bigger miracle, no one really took notice of it.

* * *

Chapter 3


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Aug. 21st, 2007 11:05 am (UTC)
I tried hard with their banter so I`m glad it worked. :)
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OMG! Gagged Sammeh. And Dean to-the-rescue! And Ancient Pyramids! And bug-eating! And banter! And boy-kissing! ^_^

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. this is SOOOooo much better than the original *runs off to read the next chapter*
Bravo, honey. Really, awesome job!

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