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21 down, 1 two go

The three cruelest letters in the alphabet: TBC

Salvation squee

spoilers for episode 21 of SPN behind the cut

Didn`t see Pastor Jim or Caleb-parts, yet, so I can`t comment on them. Though I have to admit being disappointed that we finally meet some "network"-people only to have them killed off.
And I guess that means they plan to re-use Missouri. Well, I sure hope she shows a bit of a different attitude then, otherwise I`m gonna be disappointed that she wasn`t targeted by Meg.

Speaking of Meg, what kind of demonic hair stylist did she piss off? Man, that`s some awful bowl-cut she`s sporting there. And on the acting front-not a fan here.

DemonicDean (or CelineDean as he`s called on the boards *g*) - holy shit, that`s Cade Foster. I bet they lied to him about the Winchesters being aliens. Damn lying demons. :)

A little thing that cracked me up was Sam just now realizing that he was six months old to the day when his mother died. Oh man, Sam, didn`t they tell you the exact date your mother died or are you really somewhat dense?
Even if it doesn`t seem to mean anything, a coincidence like that would be one of the first things I would notice. Especially after Jessica`s death, I`d have looked into my mother`s death again like crazy. I`d have studied that night inside out (and he didn`t even know it was Dean who carried him out until Home). Mad research skills there, Sammy, I gotta say.

So, psst Sam, to help you along: Jess also died on November 2nd (I gotta admit, easy date for me, since it`s my birthday and I squeed so hard when the Pilot started with this)
and she and Dean share the same birthday. (Maybe the writers were just being cute with that last one but you`ll never know.)

The family interaction rocked and I think for the first time I really, truly understand John. Because that guy is just gone. Totally and utterly broken.
Loved the callback to Faith, even though we didn`t get any explanation why he was missing there. And that was some serious lame-ass apology there, sounded more like he was apologizing for yelling at Dean.
(And nice how Dean will take pretty much any insult - the Impala remark was still within limits - but hinting that he doesn`t take good care of Sammy is pushing it too far. "No Dad, I feed him, I bathe him, I cuddle him at night. Look at how shiny and bright he is." *g*)

But again, didn`t bother me, because GONE. The nice, loving father we saw in the Pilot never ever came out of that burning house and whatever shell did, was IMO truly and utterly incapable of giving the boys any more than he did. A big part of him really died with Mary. Oh my.

It showed even more with his "I want Sam to go to school and Dean to have a home."-comment. You mean like a home you once had? Because that? Over and done with. Your son is no longer the little 4 year old or perhaps even a 9year old who`d longed for a home.
Dean as he is now, the son you raised wouldn`t even be able to accept such a home. He`d blow his brains out. He adapted, his home is now his family.
And the way John tucked Mary on there at the end, it showed that he knows these are delusions, dreams that can`t be fullfiiled right now (and maybe never).

Sam kind of shocked me. In the last ep I thought John was way more driven/consumed by his vengeance but here we saw how close to the Abyss Sam really is.
And great role-reversal to the Pilot with Sam slamming Dean against the wall.
It`s kind of ironic. In the pilot Sam made this argument for why their Dad is crazy and deluded (vengeance won`t bring Mary back and would she have wanted this life for them), but the moment he suffers the same loss, he basically turned into his Dad. He made the same choices and all these arguments went right out the window. So in a way, Sam became the crusade he tried so hard to get away from in the first place. A real tragic irony.
Also, this scene just rocked. Angsty!Sam and Angsty!Dean with the big anime eyes and the "I`m barely holding on." Wow.

And interesting contrast, in one corner we have the guy who let his drive for vengeance fester for the last 20 years and in essence got numb to the point of not really feeling much besides the "quest", in the other we have the one whose loss is fresher, who just burns with the need to destroy the thing that killed his mom/girlfriend. Where John is ice, Sam is fire and both are very close to being consumed by it.

Predictably, even though Dean pretty much always jumps head first into danger, the idea of Sammy sacrificing his life is incomprehensible to him. Sure, it`s a double-standard and also selfish in a way (if he dies, his loved ones suffer just as much as he would if THEY died), but it`s quite natural for his character IMO to think this way.

Once again we saw how Dean really is different from his family which I don`t think either John or Sam really see.
Sam: "Finding that thing, it`s all WE ever cared about."
But that`s just it, for John and Sam that is THE hunt. The one that will end itall. It`s their personal quest. Whereas it`s still one hell of personal for Dean but he already made it clear that it is one of many. After that there will be other demons and monsters. He is in it for the long haul.
And if John and Sam haven`t realized that yet, it`s no wonder they can`t comprehend how he can`t have a home or do anything else. Poor misunderstanding Winchesters.

The reason for this difference between John/Sam and Dean is pretty simple. They suffered losses as adults, he was a child. If John or Sam were killed now, we might see Warpath!Dean too, but right now it`s really not the same for him as it is for his brother and father.

John giving Dean the gun was great, like passing the baton.

Also Dean carrying the baby. Awww.

Can`t comment on the demon either. From what I read so far about its pattern, Jessica doesn`t fit at all and we still don`t know why it goes after these children (do they already have abilities or does he do something to them?) Interesting to note that little Rosie? was once again an only child/the firstborn like Max, so maybe Dean really is special in that he was "spared" somehow. My theory still lives, yay. :)