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A few SPN fic recs

Woohoo, nilchance and beanside are writing a prequel to Of Bastard Saints. That fic just plain rocked and I loved John in it. This one deals with Andrew/Dean, so slash but not that other thing.

Saint of Me

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Had never seen this one before, the author seems to fill in the blanks for various episodes. All Gen as far as I can see.

Hanna Korossy`s fanfic

Much love for

Weapon of Choice by xantissa

That one is some smoking hot Sammy/Deano stuff but then again not really. Goes kinda the same direction as anne_higgins Not!Sam-verse. Sam is not himself in this one. :)
I love John`s reaction to seeing Dean after a night with Sam. *g*

Ridley C. James also started a new one:

The Line

Deals with some darker stuff, Voodoo and necromancing? I just love her Caleb and how he is big brotherly to Dean. Who of course resents the hell out of that. :)